Welcome Back, Upper East Siders: The Gossip Girl Reboot Is Officially Happening

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Cue the narrative voice of Kristen Bell! This is some huge news! The much-loved CW series, Gossip Girl, is getting the reboot treatment -- with a twist. It is not going back to its original network home. Gossip Girl has landed at a recently announced streaming service! Here is what you need to know!

As you may have heard, WarnerMedia is starting its own streaming service – HBO Max. The same streamer that Netflix is losing Friends to is the one that the Gossip Girl reboot will be on, per Deadline. How many episodes will this reboot get? HBO Max has reportedly ordered 10 episodes set at one-hour each, and it seems like it is fair to estimate that the reboot is targeting a 2020 release date. Here is the logline for the series:

Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. The prestige series will address just how much social media — and the landscape of New York itself — has changed in the intervening years.

This sounds interesting! Given that it is set eight years after the original, we may be able to surmise some of the storyline. For instance, social media has changed the game a lot (just like the logline says), and it sounds like a smart idea to use the prevalence of sites like Twitter and Instagram in the storytelling.

When Gossip Girl premiered in 2007, that world had not exploded into what it is today, with the popularity of social media just beginning. Add to that the fact that the first series ended in a way that left it possible for many of the original characters to return, and we could have ourselves an intriguing set up for the show, already. The question, of course, is whether or not any of the original stars will be asked to come back and if they'll accept the challenge.

The reboot will have original creative hands on deck to helm it. Gossip Girl duo Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are on-board to executive produce, while original writer and producer, Josh Safran, will serve as the reboot’s showrunner.

Speaking of Gossip Girl originals, when you say “reboot” that is different than “revival.” The latter indicates at least some of the initial cast will be back, but there is currently no word on whether any of Gossip Girl’s original stars will return. Two cast members reunited on Fox’s The Orville during its second season, and Blake Lively shared her thoughts a few years ago on if she would return for a reunion, but that would be different from signing on for another series.

Many of the cast members have gone on to have huge careers. In terms of television, Penn Badgley, who played Dan Humphrey, is actively working in the medium. Badgley stars as the lead on Lifetime-turned-Netflix hit You, which is returning for a second season. Leighton Meester (Blair) has the ABC comedy, Single Parents and Chace Crawford (Nate) will star on Amazon's upcoming superhero series, The Boys.

News of the reboot comes seven years after the series ended. After six seasons, The CW drama concluded in 2012 with the reveal of Gossip Girl’s true identity. In the years since, though, one producer revealed that Gossip Girl was initially supposed to be someone else.

The gossiper’s true identity and how everyone reacted to it (they were angry for two seconds, if I recall) has long been a source of personal frustration. However, if Jennifer Lawrence still wants to be a part of the Gossip Girl universe, there is a new shot for her to try for a role.

For now, you can stream Gossip Girl in its entirety on Netflix, along with a plethora of premieres. While you await further word on the reboot, this summer’s television options will be around to keep you entertained. XOXO

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