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Big Brother 21 Jackson won Veto CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Nick Maccarone or Christie Murphy? Which Big Brother 21 houseguest would you prefer to see evicted in Week 9? Both are manipulative fast-talking power players. I could see either one winning or losing the game. Honestly, their best chances at Final 2 might even be against each other. Can you even imagine how much they'd throw each other under the bus?

Imagine is probably all we will ever do. Nick or Christie will almost certainly leave this week, because Jackson Michie won the Veto. Yes, again. This is his third Veto win, and his second in a row after his HoH last week.

Holly Allen is the Head of Household this week and she nominated Nick for eviction. Because it's Prank Week, fans got to vote for America's Prankster. Voters (not me) picked Nick. So Nick got to nominate someone for eviction. He put Christie on the block. With his Prankster power, he could replace her if she came off the block.

The Nomination Ceremony was held Friday, as usual, and the Veto competition was held Saturday, August 24, 2019. Here are the Veto results:

Who Played In The Veto? The Veto players were HoH Holly, nominees Christie and Nick, plus Cliff Hogg III, Jackson Michie, and Jessica Milagros. Yes, once again, Nicole Anthony was left out of a Veto comp. She may not even have a chip in the bag.

Who Won the Veto? Jackson

Will The Veto Be Used? No. I mean, Jackson could change his mind, but right after the Veto he told Holly he won't use it. He doesn't want Tommy as a replacement nominee. He also doesn't want to risk Holly's game. Nick isn't after Jackson, but Nick does seem to be targeting Holly as well as Christie. So for Holly's game, Jackson isn't going to save Nick. He's also not planning to save Christie, since Nick would be able to name the replacement. We'll confirm Monday, August 26 during the Veto Ceremony (it's usually held in the early afternoon West Coast time), but it's looking like no for now. UPDATE: Here are the results from the Veto Ceremony, after Nick's big pitch.

Who Will Be Evicted? Last week at this time, everyone -- including HoH Jackson -- was pretty sure it would be Christie. Then Sis left. So "expect the unexpected." However, Nick is Holly's target. How much will that matter to the other houseguests, who must be ready to break up the power couple of Jackson and Holly? If Jackson and Holly want Nick gone, will that motivate the other voters -- Nicole, Jess, Tommy, Cliff, in addition to Jackson -- to evict Christie instead?

Who will the houseguests want out this week? Nicole and Cliff seem closer to Nick than Christie. Jess is closer to Christie. Nick has been Holly's target so, if that stays the case, Jackson would vote in Holly's direction. Tommy? Tommy likes to vote with The House. He's been close to both Christie and Nick, so this week sucks (again) for him. However, Tommy has been sitting pretty for most of the game, so it's about time he had to show his cards. If he doesn't support Christie, would she keep their secret for the rest of the game or spill the beans in jury?

Christie and Nick had another spat right before the Nomination Ceremony. Holly kind of egged them on, playing them against each other in a he said/she said about what they said to each other before the HoH competition. They were both trying to cover their own butts, it seems, saying they'd have each other's backs. Did they also promise to throw HoH to each other? That was up for discussion, with both denying anything of the sort.

Don't forget that Zingbot is also terrorizing the houseguests this week. We're meant to see that in Wednesday's episode, before the Thursday, August 29 live eviction. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole have already been suffering through their pie-based punishment for coming in last during the HoH. You'll see more of that in Sunday's episode.

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. Keep up with all the action on the live feeds.