Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won America's Prankster? Vote Revealed

Big Brother 2019 Nick is America's Prankster CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Did you vote for Nick Maccarone to be America's Prankster on Big Brother 21? I didn't, but I'm not shocked that he won. Manifest that truth, bro.

The America's Prankster Vote has complicated Big Brother 21, Week 9. CBS showed the Big Brother 2019 Head of Household competition on Thursday, August 22, revealing the start of Prank Week. Holly Allen won HoH, but she was worried about what pranks were ahead to stir up her HoH. One prank was America's Prankster Vote, but she didn't know at the time that fans would be giving one houseguest the power to hijack her HoH and make a nomination for her, and also replace that nominee if he or she comes down off the block at the Veto Ceremony.

On Friday morning, Big Brother revealed the twist to the houseguests, but did not reveal who America voted to be the Prankster. It was a secret to all but the Prankster himself.

Nick eventually revealed himself to be the Prankster on the way to taking a shit (no joke), turning to the cameras in the bathroom and saying thank you to America for voting for him. He said he needed it, and it's true. Nick kept pretending that he thought Cliff Hogg III would get the power, since he figured America's favorite player would be named the Prankster. Is Nick your favorite player? Say no, please. Just say it's in response to Jackson/Holly, because Big Brother fans love messy drama and a house flip.

So Nick gets to make one of the nominations, which will be revealed later on Friday (August 23, 2019) during the Nomination Ceremony. Nick is Holly's target, but she already talked about thinking it might be a better plan to backdoor him. She had been planning to nominate Christie Murphy and Jessica Milagros and backdooring Nick. But that was her plan before she knew exactly what the Prankster could do.

What will Nick do with his one nomination? Stay tuned for that update, but don't be shocked if it's Jackson Michie. That would remove a vote for Holly, and just be a big FU to Holly and Jackson for working to keep Christie after Christie went out of her way to target Nick on Taco Tuesday.

UPDATE: Later on Friday, but still before the Nomination Ceremony, Nick talked to Nicole Anthony and Tommy Bracco about who he'd theoretically put up as the Prankster. He told them if he did win, he definitely wouldn't put up the two of them, Cliff, or Jackson. That would leave him two options as he noted ... Christie and Jess. Those are the two people Holly was considering putting up anyway, with Nick as her backdoor option. After he said that, there was another fight right before the Nomination Ceremony. Here's how the noms played out for Holly and Nick.

Don't forget that Jess, Cliff, and Nicole and also have Prank Week punishments for finishing last in the HoH competition. Here's a preview:

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I love those three. We'll see more on Sunday's August 25 episode. Also, Zingbot is coming! There could be a whole hour of zings just for Jackson's love of watermelon and stupid phrases like "playing chess not checkers." I wonder if Zingbot will also take a shot at the Bella/Nick relationship? I'd say maybe Zingbot could hint to Christie and Tommy being together, but Zingbot isn't there for strategy hints -- that's what people outside the house are for.

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. Keep up with all the action on the live feeds. It should be an interesting week.

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