Big Brother Spoilers: Will Christie And Nick's Taco Tuesday Blowout Affect Eliminations?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the live feeds of Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

After Jackson Michie took the power of Veto and decided not to use it, it seemed like Thursday's elimination was set in stone. Analyse Talavera was going to be safe, and Christie Murphy would be the next HouseGuest heading to the Big Brother Jury House. Christie, who was unable to sway her long-time rival Jackson ahead of the veto, at first seemed accepting of her fate, but now a Taco Tuesday blowout between she and Nick Maccarone revealed she just may have one last play after all.

From veto ceremony on, Christie was talking to anyone who would listen about how Nick is manipulating the entire house and will likely win Big Brother 21 because of that. Mind you, she wasn't saying it quite as directly, but kept mentioning how he's seemingly in an alliance with every player and has, allegedly, been throwing competitions as of late to seem like a weak player in the game.

Word reached Nick, and right as Taco Tuesday was about to kick off, the two called all the HouseGuests into the room to eat and watch them have it out. What transpired was an entire dinner of Christie and Nick airing out every dirty thing the two knew about each other in regards to Big Brother gameplay. It also led to some pretty biting personal insults in which Christie told him a therapist would know screaming makes him sound guilty and Nick dropped this gem of a line.

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By the end of it all Nick was furious and Christie's message to the house was clear. Eliminate the weaker player (Sis), and Christie will ensure that she's ready to help everyone else get Nick eliminated in the following week. It was quite a play, especially considering recent chemistry between Nick and Sis meant that eliminating her would take out an ally in his court. The question is though, will the play successfully flip the house?

Right now it seems the only solid convert Christie got was Jessica Milagros, who now intends to help work on everyone else and flip votes. Honestly, this is probably because she's managed to torch all her alliances after ratting out everyone's game. Rallying the house behind Christie would get Jessica in cahoots with a few other people, and get her the trust of one of the most powerful players in the game if Christie stays over Sis.

Unfortunately for Christie, it still seems a majority of the house is still committed to voting her out over Sis. "Underdogs" Jackson Michie and Holly Allen never intended to change their vote, and even Christie's mutual friend from outside the house Tommy Bracco is Team Nick at the moment. The two have grown close in recent weeks, and Tommy seems committed to letting Christie go to protect Nick as well as himself.

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With that said, Big Brother fans shouldn’t count out Christie. Hell, she at one point was having Sis tell the camera she wants to be eliminated with her, so don’t be surprised if she somehow finds her way of what could be a surefire elimination.

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