Wild Big Brother Fan Tries Using Bullhorn To Blurt Tommy And Christie's Secret To Everyone Else

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Big Brother fans can be a passionate bunch, but sometimes they can take things quite a bit further than a snide comment on social media. Such an ordeal happened recently when one fan tried to influence the Season 21 game by using a bullhorn to loudly expose Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco's big secret to the rest of the house.

As it turns out, it's not so impossible to get close to the Big Brother house. For those that don't know, the "house" is actually more of a set within a soundstage on the CBS Studios lot. The place is typically tight with security, but apparently loosed up the night a wild fan managed to sneak up close to the open-air backyard behind the Big Brother house. Once in position, this message was blasted over the bullhorn.

Christie and Tommy have been close friends for more than twelve years. Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for more than seven years. Christie and Tommy operated a business together for more than three years. Big Brother fans for fairness.

After that message, the bullhorn broadcasted a clip of Christie actually talking about her and Tommy's relationship in the diary room, presumably to offer irrefutable evidence to the Houseguests that this wasn't some crazy conspiracy that Christie could try and talk her way out of it. With that said, if there's anyone in that house that could talk their way out of a situation like that, it's Christie.

In case anyone else out there is skeptical this ridiculousness happened, someone heard it all go down and took to Twitter with the receipts. Listen to this truth just blasting through the night sky in the video below as the HouseGuests probably wondered what the hell was going on.

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The incident, which happened Monday night, was initially doubted by many fans who only saw the video. On the Big Brother live feeds, however, Holly Allen was heard asking Jackson Michie if he'd heard what was being blasted, and the feeds then cut off for the night.

The bullhorn announcement was also directly addressed by Cliff Hogg III the following morning, and he talked about it on camera. We're not sure if Cliff or any of the Big Brother Houseguests actually understood what the message said, but his conversation makes it sound as though he thinks he knows what was said. Perhaps the silent power player is playing this one close to the chest?

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Spoiler alert for those that haven't caught up on the latest drama, but it seems like Cliff is keeping to his word by not letting that information affect him, assuming he heard it correctly. Cliff is currently committed to protecting Christie this week, which many would assume isn't the move anyone would've taken knowing she has an outside friendship with Tommy. Keep in mind this all happened before Taco Tuesday, and right now, Christie looks like she'll be staying over Analyse Talavera.

Truth be told, that may be because the Tommy & Christie alliance fell apart the minute it seemed Christie was headed out the house. Things only soured further when Tommy was heard joking around with Holly following the veto competition, which angered Christie. The two haven't mended their in-house relationship since then, so perhaps Cliff was stating that Tommy and Christie's alliance is done now anyway, so the outsider information was irrelevant.

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