Chicago Fire Star Has Joined Epix's Get Shorty, But What About Season 8?

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As Chicago Fire gears up for Season 8, one of its stars just snagged another role elsewhere. As for where they'll be headed, Epix's Get Shorty is the proud recipient of one of the key actors of the NBC drama. Joe Minoso has hopped on the cast of the Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano series in a recurring role. So, what does this mean for Chicago Fire?

The impact that Minoso's role in Get Shorty will have on Chicago Fire isn't entirely known at the moment. Deadline reported the actor will play a Capotillo gang leader that has the run of things in Los Angeles, but as mentioned, the role is recurring. Depending on how frequent that recurring role is, Joe Minoso's shooting schedule for Get Shorty may not interfere with Chicago Fire.

It also might though and Chicago Fire may have to figure out some place to keep Joe Cruz busy off camera while Minoso is working on Get Shorty. There's also a chance Minoso knows something fans don't, and is looking for another gig due to something that happens with Cruz early on in Chicago Fire.

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This is all just speculation rooted mainly in the fact that it's weird a series regular of a popular show would be taking a role on another series early into his main gig's season. If it were the off-season for Chicago Fire this wouldn't be a discussion, and to be honest, there's about as good a chance that this role in the adapted Get Shorty means absolutely nothing about Joe Minoso's tenure on Chicago Fire.

Joe Cruz doesn't get a ton of screen time on Chicago Fire compared to the likes of Casey and Severide, but he does get a fair amount of scenes and storylines a season. Season 7 was a change of pace for the character, as the stories surrounding him were more serious in nature than in seasons' past. This may mean Chicago Fire is trying to put a bit more of a spotlight on the character in Season 8, although that would probably make his role in Get Shorty more problematic.

Joe Minoso's new news is the latest update on Chicago Fire, which recently added an actor from the cancelled Freeform series Shadowhunters to its ranks. A month before that a new paramedic character was added for Season 8, so there's no shortage of fresh faces joining the program. Perhaps their appearances will cut a bit into Cruz's screen time, thus making additional side roles on other shows possible?

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