Chicago Fire Season 8 Casts Shadowhunters Star As New Firefighter

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Fall television season is fast approaching, and that means another year of new adventures in Dick Wolf's Chicago universe is almost here. Does this mean new tragedies, twists, rivalries, and possibly some romance? It's all potentially on the table for Chicago Fire, which has just bulked up its cast with the addition of a Shadowhunters alumni. Alberto Rosende has joined the cast of the popular NBC drama in a recurring role, and will be playing young firefighter Blake Gallo.

So what's Blake all about? The character is described as an up-and-comer who will join up with Firehouse 51 due to an expansion of the second shift staff in Season 8. Alberto Rosende's character will make a big impression on Casey, Severide, and Herrmann, who Deadline reported will take the young firefighter under their wing after seeing his great energy towards the job.

As previously mentioned, Alberto Rosende was a fixture on Freeform's former series Shadowhunters before he was taking roles in the Chicago franchise. Rosende played Simon Lewis on the series, who ended up getting a satisfying ending on his last show with fans finally witnessing his character get together with Izzy. Could Rosende's Blake get into a similar type of romance on Chicago Fire?

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Anything is possible, although right now it seems like Blake is being built as that promising young buck who either lands himself in trouble by being over-eager in his willingness to help, or finds himself in great danger due to a rookie mistake. That's not to say romance can't happen in between things like that, but maybe Chicago Fire is saving the fireworks for Casey and Brett in Season 8?

Provided Brett's around for anything like that to happen, as Alberto Rosende isn't the only newcomer to Chicago Fire in Season 8. A new paramedic will be thrown in the fray as well, and while we don't know exactly what role they'll play in all this, a new paramedic may mean that Brett won't be around as much now that she's engaged to Kyle and he's gotten a nice job offer outside of Chicago.

New firefighters, mystery, unresolved cliffhangers? Yep, it sounds like the start to the average Chicago Fire season and there's just no telling how each season will shake out from beginning to end. One thing we can be sure of, however, is that the series has a great young talent in Alberto Rosende, and may even get some additional Shadowhunters fans desperate to see more of their favorite actors elsewhere.

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Excited for fall television but have no idea when to expect it? CinemaBlend has a handy fall premiere guide for that, but for those concerned about Chicago Fire, be ready for the drama to return on NBC Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET starting September 25.

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