Blue Bloods Season 10 Is Adding A Whiskey Cavalier Alum After Latter Show’s Cancellation

Dylan walsh on Whiskey cavalier 2019

Fresh off of the ABC cancellation of Whiskey Cavalier an alum of that drama is heading to another network’s staple, Blue Bloods. Words is out that former Whiskey Cavalier actor Dylan Walsh is heading over the Eye Network, where he’s landed a recurring role in the 10th season of the CBS drama.

During Season 10 of Blue Bloods, Dylan Walsh has signed on to play the Mayor of New York, who will be working with Bridget Moynahan’s Erin on the series. At first, he seems to be in Erin’s camp, and the new mayor will be pitching the character on running for Manhattan District Attorney, but that could come with some strings attached.

In fact, Deadline says the character will blur the lines so that it’s unclear if the Mayor of New York will think Erin is a good fit or someone he can place into office so that she’ll work under his ideals.

In Whiskey Cavalier, Dylan Walsh played another recurring character, Alex Ollerman, who was a former FBI director who was determined to be a traitor early in the series. The team later caught up with him as a prisoner when they were assigned to move him to Europe so he could be interrogated there.

Ultimately, ABC cancelled the series back in May, but while there was some talk that another network could pick the show up, that did not end up happening and ABC "fully and finally" cancelled the show just a few weeks later. As for Dylan Walsh, given he was recurring, he’s been able to take on multiple gigs over the past few years with movie roles, recurring roles and guest stints. The former star of Nip/Tuck also recently appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC and has a couple of movies coming up, like Alter Ego.

Previously, on CBS, the actor also appeared in NCIS: New Orleans, playing Captain Jim Messier in a three-episode stint.

Blue Bloods should have a milestone TV season this go around. The show will be hitting 200 episodes, and seems to be proud of what it has accomplished – and in a Friday night timeslot – on CBS. Previously, Abigail Hawk mentioned she’s proud the show has done so well even though it’s not “a reboot.”

Blue Bloods has clearly signed on some interesting new blood this season, with Dylan Walsh added to the cast, but we’ll have to wait and see how his storyline plays out when the series returns later this month.

In fact, that will be happening very soon. You can catch new episodes of Blue Bloods starting on Friday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET, or see what else is heading to the schedule with our full fall premiere guide.

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