Why Blue Bloods Is Able To Talk Current Affairs Without Offending, According To Bridget Moynahan

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Blue Bloods is one of the more popular cop dramas on television, and for nine seasons has been developed to address some of the hot-button issues currently surrounding law-enforcement officers. In a time where television portrayals of current events can draw a mixed response from audiences, actress Bridget Moynahan thinks the show is able to cover a fair few of them without offending others. Moynahan explained how she thinks the show achieves this, and how the Reagan family allows for a multitude of perspectives to bleed into the show:

The beauty about this show is that you can address some of the current affairs, but in a way that isn't preachy. It's coming from a family that you feel familiar with and they each have a different point of view.

Bridget Moynahan seems to be alluding to the Reagan family dinner sequences on Blue Bloods, where the family gathers for dinner once a week and discusses whatever issues are happening in Manhattan around that time. Each member of the Reagan family has different views and opinions on certain issues which, in Moynahan's opinion, allows for multiple perspectives and keeps any one stance from coming off as instructing the audience to feel a certain way. The approach seems to resonate with viewers, as the show's overall viewership remains solid and, overall, strong in Season 9.

That's not to say Blue Bloods has escaped criticism over the years, however, as a simple Google search will reveal think pieces that have questioned the show's approach towards characters or its catering to a pro-law enforcement audience. That said, there aren't numerous complaints or criticisms to be found in regards to the series, which has been on television since 2010 and frequently tackled big issues throughout its run. As Bridget Moynahan told Country Living, this could be due to the wide variety of opinions heard on the program, and how no opinion is meant to come off as "preachy."

Blue Bloods viewers may be too distracted by the show's inherent drama to think much of how it handles current events this year, after an eventful Season 8 led to what could be an equally exciting Season 9. The biggest twist of last season was the death of Amy Carlson's character Linda, which happened in the season premiere. Her death gave the sense that Blue Bloods is a series where no one is safe, especially if the actor playing them reaches the end of their contract. Season 9 is sure to bring more drama, and while Bridget Moynahan wouldn't share some of the upcoming plots viewers can expect, she seems fairly confident that the show won't make waves in the news.

Blue Bloods is on CBS Fridays at 10:00 p.m. ET. It's one of the many fall shows that has returned in recent weeks, so be sure to visit our fall premiere guide to see what else is coming to television in the near future.

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