Ian Somerhalder Explains Why He Didn't Celebrate The Vampire Diaries' 10th Anniversary

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As The Vampire Diaries fans probably know by now, The CW show just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The series premiered on September 10, 2009. Ian Somerhalder recognized the anniversary by attending a fan convention the previous weekend, and by talking about the "very difficult" process of getting cast as Damon Salvatore. But he didn't post on social media that day, like so many of his co-stars and TVD producers.

In a post shared September 17, Ian Somerhalder explained that the 9/10 anniversary was too close to 9/11 for him to feel comfortable celebrating; but now that a week has gone by, he has a lot to say about his Vampire Diaries journey:

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It's clear Ian Somerhalder still has a lot of love for The Vampire Diaries, his former co-stars, and the fans. (Except maybe the Delena fans, who are "problematic" for his personal life.) He was already famous as Boone from Lost before getting cast on Vampire Diaries, but his lead role of Damon shot him to a whole other level of fame.

Ian Somerhalder's Instagram post also mentioned he "will strive continuously to keep creating great characters, great content" -- and we know he has some content headed our way with V-Wars on Netflix. We're still waiting for word on when that TV series will premiere, and hopefully we'll get a teaser fairly soon, but there's plenty we already know about that show. Somerhalder recently said he's not worried about people thinking he's nuts for doing another vampire TV show after Vampire Diaries because V-Wars is so different.

The Vampire Diaries was a major hit after it premiered, and Ian Somerhalder recently talked about the episode that convinced him the show would be a major success. TVD got its first spinoff in The Originals, and Somerhalder said he and on-screen brother Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) were "so bitter" about The Originals, but for a good reason.

Now The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have their own joint sequel in Legacies, which is going strong into Season 2 this October. Fans are even hoping Legacies Season 2 (or Season 3? Or later?) brings in Damon and Elena Salvatore's children. We've already heard about Stefanie Salvatore, but will we ever get to meet her? Dr. Elena Salvatore has a medical practice in Mystic Falls in the timeline of Legacies, so any references to Elena and Damon their family would be welcome to fans.

Hopefully Legacies Season 2 has more references to The Vampire Diaries, in addition to bringing in more characters from The Originals. We know the Legacies 2019-2020 premiere will at least reference Caroline Forbes Salvatore. That show returns Thursday, October 10 on The CW. Keep up with everything airing to TV this year with our handy 2019 fall TV premiere schedule.

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