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breaking bad jesse walt

One of the biggest TV events of 2019, Netflix and AMC's upcoming Breaking Bad feature titled El Camino, went much of the year without anyone knowing if it was an actual thing or not. Now, though, the release is just a few weeks away, and Netflix stepped up its promotional campaign by revealing a brand new El Camino trailer, which features Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman.

As seen below, this new El Camino trailer centered on a very worried looking Jesse in the very vehicle the project is named after. Check it out below!

The trailer was likely taken from a scene that presumably shows up early on in El Camino, as it focuses on Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman hiding out in the middle of a field in the aftermath of the character's harrowing narrative. As seen in the Breaking Bad finale, an extremely frazzled Jesse hit the road after Walt put a bloody end to the Nazi meth dealers via car-trunk firepower.

In fact, it's that very massacre, and its nine victims, being discussed on the El Camino's radio that Jesse is listening to. If that were me, I wouldn't want to hear a damned thing about the hellscape I'd just escaped, but then Jesse also has to worry about getting picked up by the cops. And he likely doesn't have any clue about what happened to Walt after they split up for the last time. So I can understand why he's keeping a close ear on news reports, though I don't think Jesse's cigarette will do much to soothe his nerves.

The trailer obviously isn't all that free about giving viewers a full shot of what Jesse looks like, though shots of him in the car's mirror offers a look at partially broken man whose life is in desperate need of an uphill swing. Because this is a story set in the Breaking Bad universe, where Vince Gilligan and his creative team love to dwell in the dark details, I can't readily guess that Jesse will escape El Camino in amazing shape, but let's hope that this might be the one story with a slightly less grim conclusion.

The first trailer only featured Skinny Pete, and this second one also kept its focused tightened on one character, stopping future viewers from getting fanatical about what other characters might be showing up in the highly anticipated TV movie. But I think we're all going to get obsessive about it anyway, aren't we?

Especially with the potential for Bryan Cranston's Walter White to appear. Hey, the actor said fans will be "happy," so my hope is still strong. Someone needs to say his name again.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will hit Netflix on Friday, October 11, at 12:01 a.m. PT, and it will also be screening in a select number of theaters in cities across the country on the same day. Fans who don't plan on watching immediately should stay away from the Internet, because the spoilers will certainly be flying.