Full El Camino Trailer Reveals Jesse's Super-Stressful Life After Breaking Bad

jesse pinkman el camino

The first full El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story trailer is finally here, and it's already causing about as much stress as it possibly could. Clearly living the life of a crystal meth cook is not something that necessarily leads to fame and fortune, which Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman can attest to quite strongly.

With the Jesse-centric promo clip having whet our appetites for more southwestern mayhem within the Breaking Bad universe, fans can check out the full-length El Camino trailer below. Witness just how terrifying Jesse's life has gotten as a fugitive from both the law and the criminal enterprise he helped to build up. It's perfectly safe for work, but it's not safe for anyone's Jesse-adoring psyches.

The trailer obviously gives fans our first look at Matt Jones' return to the role of Badger, which everyone expected was an inevitability after the first teaser dropped the reveal that Charles Baker was back as Skinny Pete. Unfortunately, it was not a very mirthful reunion between the three men, with Jesse showing up in all his post-Breaking Bad horrors, but hopefully things got slightly less uncomfortable after Jesse's hot shower.

Of course, that hot shower was possibly uncomfortable as sin in and of itself, considering just how cut up and scarred Jesse's body is at this point.

While the trailer made quick work of showing off Badger and Skinny Pete, El Camino's producers are obviously still keeping most other details about the movie under their hats. Barely any other characters are shown in focus, lending to the speculation that anyone in the trailer could be a returning Breaking Bad (or even Better Call Saul) character.

Of course, the biggest guesswork moment comes in the end, when Jesse is possibly going to get into a duel with someone...but who the hell was that person with the itchy trigger finger? Could it be the one, the only Bryan Cranston returning as Walter White? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given the details of the situation, and the voice is slightly too high for Walt's dominating tones. But I'm not fully convinced yet that it isn't him.

Bryan Cranston's return for El Camino hasn't been confirmed at any point, although there likely isn't a single Breaking Bad fan out there who believes that Heisenberg will be completely absent from the upcoming TV movie. Surprisingly, star Jonathan Banks dropped a doozy of a reveal that his badass (and also currently deceased) Mike Ehrmantraut will be returning for El Camino in some capacity. So the New Mexico sky is the limit here as far as head-exploding cameos goes. (Not enough people are talking about Hank, I think.)

Whoever it is that Jesse is facing off against, my money is on Jesse. He looks like a completely different person at that moment than he did in the trailer's opening moments, when he was still at his most jumpy and frightful. By the end, he almost looks more truly confident than he ever did on Breaking Bad proper. Just look at the way his cheek muscle twitches after he says, "Yeah." Goosebumps, bitch!

jesse pinkman cheek twitch el camino trailer

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will make its world premiere on Netflix on Friday, October 11, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For those who want something on a bigger screen, the TV movie is actually going to screen in select theaters on that same Friday, so be sure to check and see if it will be playing in your area.

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