How Riverdale Said Goodbye To Luke Perry, Included Shannen Doherty And More In The Season 4 Premiere

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Riverdale Season 4 premiere "In Memoriam." Read at your own risk!

Luke Perry passed away in the midst of Riverdale Season 3, and while the show was able to finish out the season with previously filmed footage of the actor, there was a question of what to do with Fred Andrews in Season 4. The elephant in the room was addressed not long into the Season 4 premiere in which Archie learned his father (Perry's character) had died. The moment set the stage for a tribute episode and a cameo from Perry's former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Shannen Doherty.

How Fred Andrews Died

Archie received a call while hanging with his friends at Pop's and learned that Fred had been killed after stopping on the side of the road in another town to help a stranded driver. The driver who hit Fred fled the scene, and at the time, F.P. said they didn't know who had hit him. Arrangements were made for Fred's body to be transported back to Riverdale, but his return would have to be delayed until after the upcoming 4th of July celebration.

Who Shannen Doherty Played

That wouldn't do for Archie. With the help of his friends and a hearse Reggie had on standby, Archie and friends decided to drive to retrieve his father, Fred's truck, and find some answers behind his death. The gang visited the truck and site of the accident, and were surprised to see a woman pull up with a bouquet of flowers.

That woman, played by Shannen Doherty, ended up being the woman Fred stopped to help. She wanted to honor the kind man who lost his life helping her, and led the teens in a roadside prayer before they all went their separate ways.

The Person Responsible For Fred's Death Was Revealed

Not long after that Archie received a call from F.P. that the man who hit Fred turned himself in and was out on bail. Archie, always one to take justice into his own hands, found the man's address in the phonebook and rushed to his home to settle the score. After a few tense few moments, he learned that the man who confessed was not responsible for the hit and run, but his teenage son was.

The moment shook Archie, who realized the father did the exact sort of thing Fred would've done for him in that case. Archie left without retribution, and took his father back to Riverdale. The gang was intercepted by F.P., who gave them a police escort through the town where the streets were lined with townsfolk to pay their respects. There were also fireworks shot off that 4th of July weekend, which hadn't been done since the death of Jason Blossom.

How Fred Andrews Will Impact Riverdale Going Forward

Though the episode was closed off with regard to the mystery of Fred's death, Archie did make a vow to live closer to the person his dad was and mature. The episode then ended with a title card to honor Luke Perry, and a sense that Fred Andrews will always have an impact on Riverdale until its conclusion. It was certainly a touching episode that honored Perry, and a tasteful way of addressing the character's exit in a way that marked his legacy on the show forever.

What The Riverdale Cast Is Like Outside Of The Show

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