Chicago Fire: Brett's Return Makes For A 'Really Cute' Dynamic With Casey

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Fans of Chicago Fire have been watching an obvious attraction build between firefighter Matt Casey and paramedic Sylvie Brett for quite some time now. While last season's finale seemed to shut down the idea of a romantic relationship between the two, with Brett getting engaged to Chaplain Kyle, leaving her family at 51 behind and moving to Indiana with him, that decision turned out not to be right for her and she was back in Chicago within a few months. And, it sounds like now that Brett and Casey are back within flirting distance of each other, things are going to get "cute."

Stars Annie Ilonzeh (Brett's new-ish ambo partner Emily Foster) and Jesse Spencer, who plays Casey, recently spoke out about what the dynamic is going to be like now that Brett and Casey are back to working in the same firehouse. If you aren't on board with some continued Brasey (Casett?) flirty time, you might want to have your remote trigger finger ready when the two are on screen together. Here's what Ilonzeh had to say:

As an onlooker and [Brett’s] partner, I see a lot of flirtiness going on. There’s a bit of, I would say, tension, if not sexual. I don’t know if they’re aware yet. But I think it’s interesting and it’s really, really cute. They’re both so charming together.

OK, obviously this is news that is very good for all you shippers out there who have been hoping that Brett and Casey would continue to very gently and flirtatiously dance around each other. But, according to what Annie Ilonzeh told TVLine, while she can see all the flirt-time happening (though there was no time for it during that action-packed crossover) between Brett and Casey, they don't seem to, necessarily, see it as such.

Brett, for her part, has absolutely been honest and up front about her feelings for Casey...with her friends Foster and Stella Kidd, at least. While her buddies seem to be on board with a potential romance with her and Casey, as fans will know, Brett feels very awkward about the situation, and for some very good reasons.

It wasn't that long ago, (only about a year, actually) that Casey was married to his longtime love, Gabby Dawson, who was also Brett's best friend and ambo partner (and sister to her former boyfriend, Antonio). Unfortunately, when Dawson returned from a stint working with disaster survivors in Puerto Rico, she told him she was moving there permanently and broke up with the poor guy. It was just a few months later when Brett began to notice her feelings growing for her former best friend's husband, and, by the end of last season, Casey had his own burgeoning romantic notions about Brett.

With both of them kind of sharing the loss of Dawson, and formerly only being connected because of her and their status as co-workers, we can see why they'd be drawn to each other and, also, why the flirting would be so tentative right now.

For his part, Jesse Spencer can also see the slow build of this possible romance, but thinks there's yet another layer to it.

They’re starting to flirt with each other just a bit. They’re testing the waters. I think both are gun-shy and neither wants to necessarily date in the firehouse ever again. So Casey’s looking outside the firehouse a lot. But she’s there, and I think she understands him.

Well, obviously, Brett understands Casey. It does make total sense that, after taking so long to lock down his troubled relationship with Dawson and then having her, basically, abandon him, that he'd be nervous about another firehouse romance. And, while Brett didn't have a relationship with anyone who worked in 51 before, Chaplain Kyle was still a CFD employee, and even once broke up with her because he thought their dating was going to stop him from doing his job properly.

So, we can see why they'd both be "gun-shy" right now, and I like the idea of Casey trying to move on romantically with someone outside of the firehouse. But, is Brett going to be so stuck on Casey that she really will be waiting around for him, as Jesse Spencer's words made it sound, while he sows his hot oats all over Chicago?

We can all see how this Casett love story turns out when Chicago Fire airs, Wednesdays on NBC at 9 p.m. EST. For more on what you can catch on the small screen in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our 2019 fall TV premiere guide!

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