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By now, many Breaking Bad fans have seen Netflix's El Camino. The movie brought fans up to speed on the lives of several characters following the end of the parent series, and finally put to bed all speculation that Walter White survived the incident at Uncle Jack's compound. While White was confirmed dead, Bryan Cranston's character did make an appearance late in the movie for a great flashback scene.

So, how long did it take for Bryan Cranston to transform back into Walter White? The answer may be a lot longer than some are guessing, as Cranston uploaded a time lapse of the makeup and prosthetics required to turn the actor into the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher we all slowly grew to hate.

It makes sense that Bryan Cranston wouldn't shave his head completely for a short scene towards the end of El Camino, though I'll be the first to admit I totally thought that he did. All credit to the makeup staff who managed to hide Cranston's hair and give him back that sweet mustache. The only real downside of this video is that it doesn't give us enough time to marvel at the full effect, though one could always re-watch the movie for that.

In case anyone was curious, Bryan Cranston did not use a bald cap during Breaking Bad. That's a big sacrifice to make for any show, and confirmed that Cranston shaving his head was followed by many on the crew who shaved their heads out of solidarity. We're not sure if anyone else strapped in a makeup chair and donned a bald cap alongside him for El Camino, but that would be pretty funny if so.

While others were impressed by the makeup job, there were a few replies on Cranston's tweet from fans who felt his choosing to wear a bald cap was obvious. Some expressed disappointment Cranston didn't shave his head again for his scene, though many more understood why the actor wouldn't want to do that again. Beyond the lengthy re-growing process, Cranston could be working on any number of Hollywood projects that require his hair.

Though he had a small role in the overall story, Walter White's key interaction with Jesse in El Camino does expand on the character's story greatly. The flashback mentions one line in particular in which Walt told Jesse he's lucky he got to be a part of something special at a young age. The line, which is a reference to their recent cooking of meth, explains Walt's mindset in the series and how "cooking" was just as about getting out of a rut as it was making fast cash for his family.

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