Why The Masked Singer's Recent Elimination Was 'So Aggressive' In Performance

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The Masked Singer is a competition, but sometimes singing isn't the only important part. As The Leopard has shown week in and week out, a contestant can get a long way on personality alone, and one of the show's contestants recently revealed she was privy to that secret as well. Now that she's out, comedian / actress Sherri Shepherd revealed giving it all she had was a large part behind her aggressive performance against The Eagle.

Granted, Sherri Shepherd may not have meant to go as hard as she actually did, as she said low visibility was definitely a factor when she was up for elimination. As Shepherd explained below, she really couldn't see much of anything for the entire showdown.

Here’s the thing: I couldn’t see where I was at. All I could see was the Eagle’s feet. And I did a kick that I thought Beyonce did at Coachella. I guess she didn’t. But I thought that she did. I didn’t know I almost kicked the Eagle in the chest. Because I couldn’t see. And I was so aggressive because I wanted to stay! It was either me or the Eagle, you know? Bird-on-bird! I knew I wanted to be the bird that stayed. And I was like, “Damn it if anybody knows I’m Sherri. I don’t care. I’m going to drop it like it’s hot and twerk my ass off, because I don’t want to leave!

Sherri Shepherd's aggressive tactics paid off, and she managed to defeat The Eagle, who was then unmasked and revealed to be Dr. Drew Pinsky. Pinsky was the one who described Shepherd's Penguin as "aggressive," which may be because he nearly caught a foot to the chest.

Penguin won the battle, though the performance nearly put her down for the count. Sherri Shepherd told TVLine that working that hard in the suit nearly caused her to collapse.

They had me, right at the end, I said I’m going to pass out. Everything in me was shaking because it was so much exertion. And this mask — you start feeling claustrophobic. That’s what it is. I said you’ve gotta take it off. They sat me down and took it off and I said Oh my God. I’ve never loved fresh air more.

The Penguin won the night, though she ultimately lost the war. Sherri Shepherd wasn't able to escape elimination again, perhaps because there wasn't another showdown round to save her at this stage in The Masked Singer. She didn't even get the chance to completely surprise the judges as the panel has gotten much better at sniffing out celebrities ahead of their unmaskings.

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