Constance Wu Trolled Hard After Fresh Off The Boat Cancelled, Has Some Defenders

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It didn't take long after the news broke that Fresh Off The Boat was being cancelled for the trolls to come out. Even those who hadn't watched the ABC comedy were at least vaguely familiar with the recent controversy, in which star Constance Wu publicly went off on social media after learning of the show's previous renewal.

Constance Wu hasn't been on social media since the news broke, so some on Twitter went ahead and speculated on how she felt. As one may expect, many were assuming the Hustlers star was thrilled that her time on the series was finally reaching an end.

Is it a little rude to assume Constance Wu is upset about Fresh Off The Boat's cancellation? Perhaps, though it's worth noting it probably wouldn't be happening had she not dropped an f-bomb when it was renewed and told her followers she was "literally crying" because of the news.

Constance Wu later took to social media to explain that she loved Fresh Off The Boat, but its renewal meant she would not be able to do another project she was passionate about. Now that the show is coming to an end, some fans are thinking she's more than thrilled to finally be free from its grasp.

Again, no one actually knows Constance Wu's true feelings, though it wouldn't be surprising given her rise in fame. Wu had two movies she starred in (Crazy Rich Asians, Hustlers) do well at the box office, so one would think her demand in Hollywood is high.

The success Constance Wu has had in Hollywood paired with her reaction to that one renewal of Fresh Off The Boat has led some in the public to believe she's a diva. It's mainly why takes are floating around implying the cast and crew have issues dealing with her or that she's the major reason for the comedy's success.

Those are just a few of the numerous takes poking fun at the actress, which may be why she's shied away from social media as of late. After all, the easiest way to escape random online abuse is to get off the internet.

There is some good news for Constance Wu, and it's that she does have some people defending her amidst all the memes. Others are just sick of the jokes and simply don't want the near constant joking to overshadow the legacy Fresh Off The Boat created.

It's not necessarily a huge defense of Constance Wu, but it is more a reminder to fans she's just as responsible for this iconic show as anyone else. Sure she had a moment where she wanted it all to be over, but that shouldn't instantly negate any sad feelings or emotional connection she may still have to Fresh Off The Boat.

There's also folks that just want to send good vibes, regardless of how Constance Wu feels. After all, there probably are some people legitimately excited to see her schedule clear, and didn't care all that much about Fresh Off The Boat.

The trolls far outweigh the supporters in this instance, and while the internet seems really down on Constance Wu right now, life will go on. Pretty soon the world will be tweeting about some drama regarding the launch of Disney+ or maybe some shocking villain casting in The Batman, and life will continue. Provided Wu doesn't have another high-profile incident where she appears to bash a project she's involved in, the masses will move on.

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