Monica Raymund's Chicago Fire Return Delivers 'Mixed Emotions' For Casey And Brett

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Monica Raymund’s return to Chicago Fire as Gabriela Dawson will deliver some “mixed emotions” for Casey and Brett, per Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella Kidd). Raymund is returning to the drama after leaving the series ahead of its previous season. The impact of her absence has subsequently been felt.

After some hopeful speculation, Monica Raymund is coming back to Chicago Fire for Season 8’s winter finale! Raymund will reprise her role as Gabby Dawson in the episode entitled “Best Friend Magic.” It airs on November 20, so it's not that much longer to wait for Dawsey fans! There is just one thing to be aware of, though.

Gabby’s ex-husband, Matt Casey, and Gabby’s one-time best friend, Sylvie Brett, seem to be developing feelings for one another! Yes, that big Severide twist is not the only thing that has happened in Gabby’s Chicago Fire absence. Teasing the dynamic between the quasi-triangle, Miranda Rae Mayo told TV Guide:

[There are] a lot of mixed emotions from Brett and from Casey. I think we see Casey and Brett go through a myriad of different emotions.

It sounds like things are going to be intense. Gabby Dawson and her ex-husband have some things to work through. Her visit is only short-term, so they will have a lot to unpack in a rather brief period. Chicago Fire’s showrunner previously teased that Gabby Dawson’s return to town involves her efforts to raise money for her aid organization. She is set to make a stop by Firehouse 51 for Otis’ memorial. What will her return mean for Casey and Brett’s growing attraction for one another?

Well, Casey seeing his ex-wife again should definitely be something the burgeoning pair will need to work through. Monica Raymund’s return to reprise her role could help bring a real sense of closure to what was a core Chicago Fire relationship. Gabby Dawson and Matt Casey overcame a lot during their time together on the series.

Will those feelings bubble back up? Will Gabby Dawson sense the growing attraction between her ex and her one-time best friend? If so, will she approve of their relationship? Stay tuned. It should be an exciting ride for Chicago Fire fans!

Gabby Dawson’s relationship with her ex-husband is not the only Chicago Fire reunion worth buzzing about! Miranda Rae Mayo also teased how her Stella Kidd will react to Gabby Dawson’s return to Chicago Fire. I think it is safe to say that she is pretty excited to have her back! On how Stella is handling her dear friend’s comeback to Firehouse 51, Mayo said:

Stella is just excited that her homegirl is back. She is elated to see her.

Fans undoubtedly feel her enthusiasm!

Since leaving, Monica Raymund found her next TV show, which later received some great news. Meanwhile, Chicago Fire wrapped up Gabby’s story, and why her story got the concluded the way it did was then explained. Gabby’s exit storyline involved her going to Puerto Rico to help with the hurricane relief efforts. Well, now the actress is heading back, which fans certainly see as a surprising treat!

New episodes of Chicago Fire are airing this season on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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