What NCIS' Wilmer Valderrama Wants To See From Torres And Bishop's Relationship


While NCIS has been bringing back unexpected stars and giving Gibbs all sorts of doubt and trouble, it has also been focusing on teasing fans about one potential romance. Nick Torres and Ellie Bishop are the latest "will they or won't they" of the CBS drama, and it's reaching a point where some fans may just want an answer already. Does Wilmer Valderrama feel the same way?

The Torres actor recently fielded a question about what he'd like to see happen on the Torres and Bishop front, and gave an intriguing answer. Wilmer Valderrama isn't so concerned about the "will they or won't they" aspect, but he does have some ideas on what he doesn't want to see, and shared the bits of the duo's story that he's most interested in personally.

What I don’t want the show to do is something they’ve done before. I think that it would be a disservice to continue to repeat a story that we’ve seen before. For me, it’s a little more fascinating to explore what happens to these characters when they’re introduced with a choice. Do they pick their job over their personal life? What kind of dynamic does that create for the group and the team?

If Wilmer Valderrama knows about what's going to happen with Bishop and Torres in the future, he certainly didn't drop any hints with his quote. He did express his thoughts on what he does and doesn't like to see, however, which could factor into how the writers ultimately decide to handle the relationship. After all, this show has lost cast members before after handling character's stories in a way that displeased the actors.

Just to speculate on what Wilmer Valderrama likes, he could be hinting that Torres and Bishop may be forced to choose between romance or their careers on the NCIS team. That's a somewhat weird thing to happen considering members of the team have dated before, so it's also possible one could be faced with promotion elsewhere shortly after pulling the trigger on a relationship. Again, this is just speculation, and there are no guarantees at this point the two will even attempt to get together.

This could mean nothing, but Wilmer Valderrama did jokingly tease to People someone could die in the 400th episode. Valderrama feels safe from an unexpected NCIS death, though NCIS: New Orleans had a rather shocking exit recently. Valderrama is helping CBS with a new project coming out of his production studio; could he end up leaving NCIS in order to star in that series?

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