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NCIS Is Giving Bishop And Torres A Baby For Christmas

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Christmas is coming to NCIS, and it's going to deliver something that undoubtedly was not on the agents' wish list. In the show's 2018 holiday episode, Bishop and Torres will find themselves parents to a newborn baby! No, this episode isn't a flash-forward that reveals a romantic happily-ever-after for characters who are currently only friends and coworkers. There will be a different reason for the baby on board.

The agents will discover a baby when their investigation into the murder of a Navy veteran takes a turn. This won't be the first time they happened upon something unexpected in the field, but there's a bit of a problem when it comes to this baby. The newborn will have no identification of any sort to give a clue about its parents or caregiver. TVLine reports that Bishop and Torres decide that they need to find at least one parent in order to solve the case, and that means watching the kiddo overnight.

Oh, the shenanigans that will surely ensue! While I don't doubt that there will be some heartfelt moments between the agents and the baby while they have the newborn in their care, we can probably count on some hijinks and hilarity as well. The various NCIS shows aren't known for always getting super dark and serious with their holiday episodes, and it's not like murder most foul is anything that will shock longtime fans unless the victim is somebody we know. I look forward to some baby-related NCIS lightness!

We shouldn't be shocked that Bishop and Torres are the two characters who will find themselves with the baby, even if one might think that the member of the team with the least seniority might be saddled with babysitting duty. Back before Season 16 premiere, NCIS co-showrunner Frank Cardea hinted that the show could be going in a romantic direction with the characters, even comparing their arc to the slow burn that was Tiva, so they were bound to begin spending more time together..

If NCIS does go the Tiva route with Biship and Torres -- do they have a portmanteau ship name yet? -- then we can only hope that their story comes to a less tragic end than Tony and Ziva. While we did ultimately learn that Tony and Ziva at least slept together and made a baby, the reveal didn't happen until Ziva had been killed off-screen, leaving Tony to care for the daughter he hadn't even known he'd had.

Let's have some lightness with Bishop and Torres, assuming the plan is still to hook them up! How about a double date crossover with Densi over on NCIS: Los Angeles? We'll have to wait and see how NCIS handles Bishop and Torres with the baby. The episode airs on Tuesday, December 11 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. For some viewing options once the big fall shows go on their winter hiatuses, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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