The Masked Singer's Latest Singer Smackdown Elimination Has Fans Up In Arms

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer episode "Mask And You Shall Receive." Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer had yet another questionable elimination in Season 2, and if it needed to be said, The Leopard was involved again. This time, he took out someone in the Singer Smackdown round that some viewers believed would be the winner of this competition, the Flower. Unfortunately, Flower wilted in the smackdown, and was voted out by the judges in favor of Leopard.

As folks on the social media platform often do, people are going off on Twitter. Many don't believe the Leopard should've beaten the Flower, and that the judges really played up his performance to stand on The Flower's level when it still may have been a little underwhelming.

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This marks the third time in Season 2 The Masked Singer has let Leopard off the hook, though it's fair to say he earned his right to stay over The Egg. It was more debatable when he ended up staying in the game over Black Widow after his last performance, and it's certainly up for debate when he ended up getting the Flower unmasked, and we saw it was Patti LaBelle.

It's crazy enough that a singing legend like LaBelle ended up getting cut midway through the season as is, but it's even crazier that it happened because of The Leopard. Leopard has consistently been one of the shakiest singers in the competition, but has managed to skate by a few times under pressure, with his over the top character performances and charisma. Still, this is a singing competition, right?

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While The Flower's identity has been obvious since Patti LaBelle first sang on The Masked Singer, her singing ability was near-unmatched. She may be one of the show's more senior competitors, but she's still a Grammy winner and has given the show some of its best performances to date. The fact that this wasn't an audience vote, but a decision made by the judges makes it sting just a little more, because you'd think they would take into account all of each contestant's performances.

That doesn't seem to be the case, unfortunately, and even the most angry fan can't deny that Patti LaBelle's song choice was odd. With the vocal range that she has, why would she perform Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," of all songs? It was a poor song choice, and made it easier for Leopard to wow audiences with his take on The Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha."

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What's weird is that Patti LaBelle had done quite a few songs prior to this that really took advantage of her vocal range. For her to pick such a subdued song for the singer smackdown almost felt like a white flag, which is to say she may have just wanted to go home.

If that's the case, I can't say I blame her. Competing on The Masked Singer isn't easy, and those costumes can be cumbersome! That said, Patti LaBelle looked good when that mask popped off, all things considered. It's a shame that someone can look this good unmasked and still has to go home!

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Oh well, it's not like this is the first time someone talented was voted off of a reality competition. Patti LaBelle has plenty of achievements she can look back on, and it's not like The Masked Singer trophy for Season 2 would replace one of the other awards on her mantle.

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