Why The Masked Singer Shouldn't Include Professional Singers In Season 3

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer is well into Season 2, and the ratings make it seem like Season 3 is inevitable. Some things have improved since Season 1, but the singing competition still has some of the same troubles from its inaugural season. One of those issues was on display last night after The Eagle was eliminated at the episode's end.

While the Eagle was a decent singer, he couldn't hold a candle to the Flower, who clearly sounds like someone with professional singing experience, and may even be a grammy-winning artist. The Eagle then lost in a second match, which was more of a fair match up, but ultimately an unlucky break. Eagle (Dr. Drew) actually had a better voice than some remaining competitors we've seen in groups thus far. His elimination is a great excuse for me to present my case that The Masked Singer would be better if no one competing was a professional singer.

Professional Singers Often Betray Their Identities With Their Voice

The Masked Singer is a singing competition, but the main draw of the show is the mystery surrounding each contestant. Audiences are supposed to use the clues to figure out who these folks are, though the voice has often been a major clue in unmasking a lot of these contestants ahead of time.

A big example that comes to mind is Gladys Knight, who was pegged by several fans of The Masked Singer before her official unmasking. The clues really just reinforced that it was Knight, and made those who were 80% sure closer to 99% sure. It's not really her fault, but why would the show pick such a well-known singer we've all heard a song or two from and think everyone would be stumped?

Professional Singers Eliminate Average And Often More Mysterious Singers

Not only are professional singers easier to peg due to their recognizable voices, but they often dominate the competition and eliminate the average singers. The problem is, these average (or even bad singers) have consistently been the most mysterious contestants in the competition. Unfortunately, the mystery doesn't last long because they're often eliminated early, thanks in large part to their being paired against award-winning singers.

So why not drop professional singers from the season, and let average to below-average contestants duke it out in Season 3? Lowering the bar for competition doesn't hurt The Masked Singer all that much, which again, is more about the mystery than singing ability. Some celebrities will always be better singers than others, but removing actual recording artists from the mix would make the competition format more fair and keep mysterious competitors in the mix longer.

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