Disney+ Is Probably Rebooting An Early Tom Hanks Hit As A TV Show

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(Image credit: Sleepless in Seattle Screenshot / TriStar Pictures)
(Image credit: Sleepless in Seattle Screenshot / TriStar Pictures)

Tom Hanks has made a lot of successful movies, so, which one of them do you think may be getting the reboot treatment by Disney+? It is not Sleepless in Seattle! Hint: It is the one where Hanks has a canine co-star! If you guessed Turner & Hooch, you nailed it! Disney+ is reportedly readying a TV version of the beloved movie. Here is what you need to know.

First off, a quick refresher. Turner & Hooch came out in 1989 and was a box office hit. It told the tale of the eponymous Scott Turner, a California-based police detective played by Tom Hanks. Turner eventually adopts Hooch, the dog of a murdered friend, and high jinks ensue between the duo! Fast forward 30 years, and, according to Deadline, Disney+ is eyeing a TV show adaptation!

Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and 20th Century Fox TV are said to be uniting on the project. The Turner & Hooch TV show is reportedly thought to maintain the movie’s basic premise. Following some recent momentum gains, the project is reportedly nearing that much-desired green light. Time will tell what ends up happening!

Will Turner & Hooch’s TV show be an adaptation of the movie’s tale, including that ending? Or will it take the essential story of a detective adopting the dog of his murdered friend and chart its own course with everything else? Another question I have is whether or not the potential Disney+ series will also cast a Dogue de Bordeaux in the role of Hooch. Stay tuned.

News of a potential new Disney+ series comes over a month since the streaming service launched. Despite some first week glitches, I would say that things have been running well so far. Disney+ already has an awards nomination! Meanwhile, the live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, has ushered in the pop culture sensation that is Baby Yoda.

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Given the success of that film franchise’s adaptation, why should Turner & Hooch not be next? I am curious if Tom Hanks and the film’s other stars would be willing to put in a cameo for the TV show. Hanks is still super busy with his film career. However, it would be a neat little nostalgic touch for him to appear somehow!

There are a lot of questions as to how the show will nestle into the universe of the movie. This Turner & Hooch sounds like it will be a reboot. Either way, Turner & Hooch is one of the latest movies to get the television treatment, and the recent spell of those reboots has captured streaming headlines.

HBO Max is readying a potential TV reboot of National Lampoon’s Vacation executive produced by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki. A Grease spinoff is also in the works at the upcoming streamer. Cue Disney+ battening down the hatches with a Turner & Hooch TV show.

Disney+ has a lot going on with its upcoming MCU shows, and you can now add Turner & Hooch to the new streamer’s list of ambitious projects! A TV adaptation was attempted not too long after the movie’s success. It did not make it to series, but the pilot aired roughly a year after the movie’s premiere in July 1990 as a part of ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney.

Hopefully, this project gets a happier outcome! A premiere date for the potential Turner & Hooch series has not been announced yet. There is a lot currently streaming on Disney+, and many of them are part this winter’s premieres.

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