Grey's Anatomy Star Gets Fans Worried About Exit After Career Loss Posts

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Grey's Anatomy isn't exactly shy about changing its cast lineup, so when Andrew DeLuca actor Giacomo Gianniotti shared several posts about a devastating career loss, it naturally got Grey's fans wondering if he was leaving the ABC show.

Giacomo Gianniotti never mentioned Grey's Anatomy in his multi-slide Instagram Stories thread, but since he plays a main character on the show, and his DeLuca is currently in a complicated relationship with Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey, fans were left curious what he was talking about. That is currently still the case.

The good news first. TV Guide wrote that it was able to confirm the posts were not about his role on Grey's Anatomy. So it sounds like he is still playing DeLuca. But apparently he did just have a career "defeat" during filming for Grey's Anatomy Season 16. Maybe he was trying to get a movie role? There's always a Marvel movie casting out there, so maybe he was trying for something else? Without details, Grey's Anatomy fans were left to speculate and worry.

At any rate, here's part of what he wrote across his Instagram Stories:

Today I finally accepted defeat, to a long battle I have been in for the last couple weeks in my career.I took an L, a big L. L stands for LOSS in case you were wondering. I'm devastated. Truly.And in the many battles of this war we call life; sometimes, you have a winning streak. Battle after battle is won. You get confident. You get cocky. You get comfortable.You lean on your infantry, your generals and captains who have done so well. Your community. You step back. You speak less. You shut one eye. You trust more. And sometimes, not always, because of this. You are defeated.

Giacomo Gianniotti continued writing in general about handling failure, calling himself out on his entitlement, saying it can be common in such situations to blame others and make yourself the victim.

It's not clear what he was talking about. Failure to land a role, a failure with one of his "generals" or whoever on his own team? At the very end of his thread, he did let fans know he was "absolutely fine" and just wanted to impart some wisdom. He thanked everyone for their concern.

The Grey's Anatomy star also posted this Instagram photo as a life lesson and directed fans to what he had posted in his Stories:

A photo posted by on

Grey's Anatomy fans filled the comments with love and support but also questions about what happened. What failure? What loss? Some fans were left worried that he was leaving Grey's Anatomy, but apparently that's not the case. Grey's or not, something did go wrong and fans are reaching out with concern.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, not everyone is a "MerLuca" fan of Meredith and DeLuca together, but they are growing their own base of supporters. Grey's has not made their love story easy, but that's the case for everyone. It's especially difficult for DeLuca, though, since both Meredith and the viewers at home will never quite get over Derek Shepherd.

Grey's Anatomy is still filming Season 16, which will return with new episodes starting Thursday, January 23. A new doctor was just introduced to replace Alex Karev's job at Grey Sloan. And don't forget that a Suits vet is coming soon for a new role.

The next episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 16 is Episode 10, "Help Me Through the Night," picking up from that car crashing into Joe's Bar in the fall finale. It'll mark Grey's Anatomy's next major crossover with Station 19. It'll also mark a time change for Grey's Anatomy. Starting January 23, Grey's will air after Station 19. So the crossover will begin with Station 19 Season 3's premiere at 8 p.m. in an episode called "I Know This Bar." Grey's will pick up at 9 p.m.

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