Grey's Anatomy And Station 19 Hits New Levels Of Danger And Sexiness With Crossovers

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Expect new levels of danger and sexiness when Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 team up for their next big crossover. Not too long ago, ABC announced that Grey’s Anatomy would be switching time slots, a move that now makes Station 19 the lead-in to the veteran medical drama, which recently celebrated 350 episodes!

Fans should probably get set for more tears and heartache when Grey’s Anatomy returns, at least as far as the immediate aftermath of that fall finale goes. The show’s midseason sendoff set the stage for a life-threatening crossover with Station 19. Ben, Blake, Casey, Chief Herrera, Helm, Jackson, Levi, and Nico were all in Joe’s Bar when disaster struck.

A car crashed into the bar, endangering the lives of fan favorites, not to mention various other patrons. Station 19's return in 2020 will apparently kick the big crossover off at full speed, while Grey’s Anatomy will keep the action going in Hour 2. Station 19’s Jason George, who's starred as Ben Warren across both series, teased the drama ahead, telling ET:

The crossover has been fun. It's been there's a new level of sexy that's coming in and a new level of danger. The first [episode of Station 19] is a crossover out the box where if you saw the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy, a car smashes through Joe's Bar. If you know Joe's Bar, it’s where everyone is sitting and drinking…

That they were! Now fans will have to endure the hiatus before finding out what happens next. Station 19 will be the one that directly picks up from the aftermath of the disaster, with emergency responders needed to keep things on track amidst the chaos. Grey’s Anatomy and its spinoff series are no strangers to dealing out heartbreaking crossovers.

Station 19 underwent some behind-the-scenes changes for Season 3, so there should be some differences in front of the camera. As for the two-hour crossover event, which is set to lead off a more intertwining set of episodes, it was apparently pretty intense to film. These crossovers take a lot of effort and the trend is everywhere! Giving some insight into what it took to do Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy’s, Jason George said:

It's a two-hour block that's going to be ridiculous because it's crazy to shoot. I’ll tell you that everyday it's like, 'So where am I?' They're like, 'Well, you're at Grey's in the morning and Station 19 and then you're at Grey's in the afternoon.

That had to be hectic! The two-hour event is going to get fans excited and on the edge of their seats. Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are already quite dramatic independently, but together, they are a united force of immense suspense. Jason George’s Ben was in Joe’s Bar, the very heart of the crossover’s action, so he will be front and center when Station 19 returns. There's not a whole lot of insight into how any of this is supposed to bring more sexiness, but we'll take his word for it.

Ben has had a lot going on this season on Grey’s Anatomy. He and wife Miranda Bailey learned they were expecting a baby earlier in Season 16. Sadly, in the fall finale, Bailey found out that she had lost their baby, and Ben later ended up going with Chief Herrera to the bar with a lot on his mind.

In the same episode, Chief Herrera learned from Bailey that his lymphoma had returned, so a lot of sadness has already taken place. The trailer for the Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover showed Bailey telling the authorities to get her husband out of the wreckage of the bar. I can't imagine what'll happen if things only get more dangerous from there.

Station 19 returns on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy will air directly after it at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes of both shows are part of this winter’s premieres.

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