NCIS: New Orleans Adds Chicago P.D. Actor To Help Fill LaSalle Void

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When it comes to big TV deaths, NCIS: New Orleans walloped its fans' emotions in 2019 by killing off Lucas Black's Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, and his absence is one that still hasn't quite been remedied just yet. To combat that, the show's producers are bringing in some new blood in the form of a new cast member from the ranks of Chicago P.D. and The Originals.

Charles Michael Davis is officially joining NCIS: New Orleans as a series regular in the back half of Season 6, where he'll hopefully win over fans while also giving the crime drama a boost in the final stretch of episodes. Davis will be playing a character whose name is thankfully not Listopher CaSalle. He'll portray Quentin Carter, a Special Agent who gets specifically transferred to the NOLA office after Pride puts in a request. This would imply the two know each other, or at least that Carter's career caught Pride's attention in some way.

Quentin Carter is described as having lots of charisma and confidence, to the point where he's a little too full of himself. However, the (king) pride he oozes isn't superficial, as Carter can back up his boasts with his skills. He might not immediately check off every box that LaSalle had, but he sounds like a suitable substitute in the short-term.

Coming from a military family, Carter is also an ex-Marine, which likely plays a lot into his high levels of confidence. Though going by what executive producer Christopher Silber told TV Guide (via TV Insider), it sounds like Carter is also good at getting under people's skin to the point where they snap.

We knew we needed someone exciting who could challenge the team — and Pride. Quentin has this history of moving from post to post, doing great things, but then pissing someone off and getting moved again.

New star Charles Michael Davis has a slightly less antagonistic way of describing the character:

He's good at his job, competitive, and he likes to stand on his own.

So what if he's standing on his own just because he happened to piss someone off.

Thankfully, fans won't have to wait too long to see Charles Michael Davis make his debut as Quentin Carter. His first NCIS: New Orleans episode is set to air on Sunday, March 8. And because Pride will be away doing his own thing, it sounds like Carter gets to instantly jump into some kind of leadership position when he's introduced.

Charles Michael Davis has been a busy guy in recent years. After getting arguably his break-out role as a recurrer on Grey's Anatomy, the actor landed the series regular role of Marcel Gerard on The Originals, which came to an end in 2018 after six seasons. Marcel was the King of the French Quarter, so Davis should be pretty accustomed to acting like he's in New Orleans, though under very different circumstances for the CBS drama.

The actor is also known for portraying Zane in later seasons of Younger, and for his lead role on ABC's short-lived 2019 legal drama For the People. His stint on Chicago P.D. during Season 5 was also fairly short-lived, as his political consultant Blair Williams was killed after five episodes.

So what say ye, NCIS: New Orleans fans? Will Charles Michael Davis' Quentin Carter be the perfect character to ease the pain of losing LaSalle, or is that void one that simply cannot be filled? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for the new addition coming on Sunday, March 8.

NCIS: New Orleans will return to CBS from its winter hiatus for its new weekly time slot starting on Sunday, February 16, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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