The Simpsons: Check Out Marvel's Kevin Feige Spoofing Thanos In Awesome New Video

the simpsons avengers parody poster
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It's been a full ten months since Avengers: Endgame hit theaters for the first time on its way to becoming the biggest blockbuster in movie history, but fans haven't stopped going bananas for it. Some of those fans are clearly employed by The Simpsons, which is giving viewers a super-powered episode in the near future. Titled "Bart the Bad Guy," the installment will not only poke fun at the Avengers, but it will do so with the vocal talents of not only Marvel boss Kevin Feige, but also and Endgame co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Knowing that a pop culture crossover (of sorts) like this is too awesome to hide until the episode airs, Fox released a clip from Sunday's The Simpsons ep that gives us Kevin Feige's in all his glory!

How cool was that? Even though viewers probably missed the first 15 movies in the fictional Vindicators franchise that led to Chinos' big Doomsday app moment – get it, app not snap? – at least we got to see the beginning of what's sure to be an epic cinematic climax, right? ALL FEAR CHINNOS!

Okay, so maybe the clip looks a little goofier than that. "Chinnos" isn't exactly the most mature take on Thanos as a character, since it's almost entirely just a joke about the villain's globular chin. I suppose we can all be grateful that the gag didn't go fully lowbrow with a testicle-related joke, although it would create an interesting line of conversation about the decisions movie studios make in The Simpsons universe.

As strange as it might seem for Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers to make the rare career choice to add their vocal talents to The Simpsons, it all comes down to corporate synergy in the end. Kevin Feige and Chinnos both have the same bosses as Homer Simpson and The Simpsons' cast and crew, whose inclusion under the Disney umbrella has been as smooth as could be.

Corporate ploys or not, I'll take any crossover that allows animators to craft a parody poster like this one.

the simpsons avengers endgame parody poster

(Image credit: fox press)

In "Bart the Bad Guy," Bart manages to accidentally catch a screening of a major superhero movie a month before it hits theaters, which gives him access to a power he'd never had before: the power to spoil a beloved franchise for its fanboys and fangirls. But will he be able to control his darker urges, or is Bart destined to earn the ire of Hollywood's biggest producers? Considering Bart's rarely had any form of control that didn't change the TV channels, it's an easy prediction to form.

As stated previously, The Simpsons won't only be welcoming Kevin Feige, but also the Marvel-centric directing duo of Anthony and Joe Russo, who will be playing a pair of movie executives. That shouldn't be TOO much of a stretch for the brothers. The episode will also feature vocal work from guest stars such as Avengers vet Colby Smulders (now on ABC's Stumptown), SNL vet and Single Parents star Taran Killam, and YouTube star Tal Fishman.

The Simpsons will air this Marvel-ous episode on Sunday, March 1, at 8:00 p.m. ET, and fans can find future eps in the same time slot, while past episodes are available to stream on Disney+. To see what shows still haven't premiered yet in this TV midseason, check out our Winter and Spring schedule.

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