NCIS: Los Angeles Is Bringing JAG's Catherine Bell Back, But What About David James Elliot's Harm?

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CBS' NCIS somehow hasn't ever had the pleasure of hosting the big guest stars from the franchise's flagship drama, JAG. Last year, it was the spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles that welcomed JAG's David James Elliott and Catherine Bell into the crime-filled fun. After popping by in the Season 10 finale and in the Season 11 premiere, it appears that Catherine Bell will be returning to CBS to once again reprise the role of Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie for another NCIS: Los Angeles installment. But wait, what about Elliotts' Harmon "Harm" Rabb?

Sorry, fans, but it sounds like we're only getting a single dose of JAG crossover love this time around, with only Catherine Bell's Mac coming around to get some assistance from the Los Angeles NCIS crew. Before diving into the details, let's take a quick second to check out Mac back in her fancy Marines uniform (for the first time since JAG wrapped back in 2005).

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NCIS: Los Angeles will welcome Catherine Bell's Mac attack for the episode airing on Sunday, April 19. Without Harm by her side, Mac will touch base with Hetty to see if the team can assist in a case that was pretty much ripped from recent headlines. According to TVLine, it will involve two Navy SEALs who come forward with allegations that their chief had murdered an unarmed Taliban prisoner.

That sounds like a pretty straightforward reason to pop by the office, but there has to be something else going on for the producers to have decided that Catherine Bell was the perfect character to use in this scenario. Could there be a way to make Mac a more permanent part of the Los Angeles team?

Just look at how naturally she fits in with everyone in the pic below.

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After Mac and Harm's first trip to NCIS: Los Angeles, fans immediately started asking for something more substantial to come from it. There were rumors that CBS execs were mulling over an official JAG revival, though nothing official ever came out of that. Then, after the Season 11 premiere set Mac and Harm's relationship up in a way that had the promise of continuing, fans started speculating about a wholly different spinoff being set in San Diego. Maybe THIS is the episode that will probably set up a new avenue for the NCIS franchise to go down.

After all, the NCIS: Los Angeles cast isn't getting any smaller. The show recently promoted actress Medalion Rahimi as a series regular, which has given her character, Special Agent Fatima Namazi, more to do in the back half of Season 11. The crime drama is also bringing back the recurring NCIS actress Scottie Thompson, though not as Dr. Jeanne Benoit, but in a completely new role.

Be sure to tune in on April 19 when Catherine Bell returns to NCIS: Los Angeles. The show airs Sunday nights on CBS at 9:00 p.m. ET. And for all the other new and returning shows hitting primetime and beyond in the near future, our Winter and Spring TV schedule will set you in the right direction.

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