WWE Legend Jake The Snake Roberts Appeared On AEW: Dynamite And Fans Went Nuts

Jake The Snake Roberts AEW

While it still has a long way to go before it gives the WWE a real run for its money, AEW has made some impressive strides in its first year on television. It has been neck and neck in the ratings with WWE's rival program NXT, and now another legend from the wrestling giant's past has appeared on AEW: Dynamite. Jake The Snake Roberts popped up on a recent episode, and fans went nuts.

Rightfully so, I might add, as Jake Roberts is one of the bigger names of the WWE's past. It has been years since Roberts has been utilized in the WWE in any meaningful way, but it appeared that AEW had some big plans for him when he showed up on AEW: Dynamite.

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Wrestling fans always love the unexpected, and bringing back a legend of the medium who is typically associated with another brand is one of the best surprises in professional wrestling. Plus, many wrestling fans are well-aware that Jake The Snake Roberts has had ongoing struggles with addiction over the past couple decades, so to see him appear looking healthy and ready to cut a promo had to be a delight to several in the audience.

Once Roberts entered the ring, he had some words for another former WWE superstar, who's also the son of a legend of Roberts' caliber, Cody Rhodes. Long story short, Jake The Snake revealed that he is now a manager on AEW: Dynamite, and is representing a mystery wrestler the show has yet to reveal the identity of. Speculation on the web is that Roberts will represent recently released WWE superstar Luke Harper (now going by Brodie Lee), or possibly Lance Archer.

For all the love in the live audience regarding the return of Jake The Snake Roberts, there were viewers at home who were miffed. Bringing back wrestling legends that steal time from younger up and coming superstars is something WWE does frequently which angers fans. To see AEW: Dynamite do the same and not get annoyed responses, no matter how big the get was, caused some to accuse fans of hypocrisy and not holding the new wrestling organization to the same standard.

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Then there are others who are merely glad both brands exist and can serve as platforms to bring back legends from time to time. The WWE has had its chances to utilize Jake Roberts if it wanted, but only used him sparingly over the past couple of decades.

Even then, very little of what he was called upon for involved in-ring work, which he may be doing some of on AEW: Dynamite. I wouldn't expect we'll see the 64-year-old doing full-length matches, but I can definitely see him having bits where he's involved in a match as a ringside manager. For now, many are simply pumped he's back in wrestling, and ready to sink his fangs into the TNT weekly show.

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The promo was solid, but where was his trademark animal? Jake The Snake Roberts got a huge response on AEW: Dynamite, but I can only imagine the next appearance will be ten times louder if he has a python with him. Hopefully, AEW has plans for something like that down the stretch.

AEW: Dynamite airs on TNT Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep watching to see who Jake The Snake Roberts eventually represents and stick with CinemaBlend for all the biggest news happening in television and movies.

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