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Chicago Med Showrunners Reveal Their Top Moments After 100 Episodes, Including That Bloody Cliffhanger

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Spoilers ahead for Chicago Med's 100th episode, called "The Ghosts of the Past."

Chicago Med has officially run for 100 episodes on NBC, hitting a milestone that few primetime dramas are able to hit and already have a long future guaranteed. "The Ghosts of the Past" saw Ethan finally learn the truth about April kissing Crockett, Dr. Charles experience a breakthrough with his youngest daughter, and Maggie tying the knot with Ben. These are only a few twists from five seasons and 100 episodes, though, and CinemaBlend asked Chicago Med showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov what storylines or twists they're especially proud of after all this time.

The showrunners (who teased the return of Dr. Charles' daughter after years off screen to CinemaBlend earlier this year) had plenty of stories (some of them bloody) to choose from. Diane Frolov chose to focus on twists that helped viewers who were watching from home, saying this:

There've been so many, but we're really proud when viewers say an episode helped them get a diagnosis for a loved on. For instance, we did an episode this season in which a young woman, diagnosed with panic attacks, actually was suffering from a physical condition. Turns out a viewer's daughter was subsequently diagnosed with the same condition because of our episode.

While it's a good thing that Chicago Med cases like the epidemic from last fall's three-part "Infection" crossover haven't resulted in real-life diagnoses of flesh-eating bacteria, Diane Frolov revealed that some of the less fantastically frightening cases helped fans. The case of a young woman seemingly having panic attacks that were due to an underlying condition actually aired earlier in Season 5.

There are plenty of other game-changing and memorable stories that aired prior to "The Ghosts of the Past" in Season 5, and it can almost be difficult to believe how much Med has gone through (and put its characters through) over the years to hit 100 episodes. Andrew Schneider elaborated on Diane Frolov's moments and named some specific incidents that they're proud of, including the bloody cliffhanger at the end of Season 4:

We've enjoyed doing the longer arcs -- Connor with his mentors Downey and Latham -- with Robin -- with Ava. And, of course, the Will/Natalie journey -- many twists and turns there! -- the aborted wedding -- the car crash -- Natalie's memory loss.

Back before Connor departed Med following the death of his father and Ava's suicide, he was at the center of some of Med's biggest plots, including with Dr. Charles' eldest daughter, the two doctors who shaped him into the surgeon he was by the day he walked out, and of course the Ava situation.

Will and Natalie's journey may be ongoing since they're both still on the show, although a Manstead romance may be out of the question for now after their fight earlier this season and Will moving on to Hannah. Nat recovering from her TBI didn't mean the course of true love with Will would run smooth, if it's going to run at all again in the future! Natalie did have a big smile for Will during Maggie's wedding.

What's in store for Chicago Med moving forward? Well, the massive three-season renewal for Med (as well as Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.) means Med should easily hit 150 episodes, and potentially even 200 if all continues to go well! The three shows of One Chicago did have their production halted due to the coronavirus, but for now Med will continue airing new episodes of Season 5 on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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