Star Trek Legend William Shatner Provides Delightful Self-Quarantine Updates As Captain Kirk

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William Shatner is in self-quarantine, and he is giving the internet the updates they desperately need while doing so. Interestingly, the Star Trek legend is going back in character as Captain Kirk for his updates, and it's an excellent way for fans to reconnect after Shatner shut down the idea of the fan-favorite showing up in a Captain Kirk TV show.

William Shatner is on the verge of turning 89-years-old, and he is taking his safety seriously, as the threat of the coronavirus continues. More cases are steadily appearing. This includes celebrities too, as The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood just announced he tested positive for it.

Given his older age, Shatner appears to be taking the necessary steps to ensure that he remains healthy throughout the pandemic like fellow actor Mel Brooks. Thankfully, Shatner is still sharp as ever with his Twitter activity. The Star Trek star shared his self-quarantine memos and included info on his dogs! Check out his first Tweet:

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Kirk didn't stay out for long! In case you didn't know, Espresso and Macchiato are William Shatner’s dogs, by the way. Shatner's first message definitely indicated that he's aiming for some downtime and, with that, Shatner gave yet another update. Check it out:

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Shatner's dogs definitely seem to be keeping him him more than entertained in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Perhaps they could even watch some old episodes of the ever-popular Star Trek together or an installment of CBS All Access’ new series Picard. Either way, Shatner shared a third update on Twitter with this:

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By the time that “Captain Kirk” had given his fourth update, things had taken a turn at William Shatner’s house. From having to ration candy bars to his dogs taking off to fight squirrels, things quickly got busy at the Star Trek star’s home. Here is “Stardate 4”:

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William Shatner’s latest update as of the time this article has been written gives an update on his rations, and it is not good news. However, despite running out of supplies, the Star Trek star remained upbeat. If I am reading his emoji’s correctly, Shatner is taking solace in books, his computer, smartphone, meat, bacon, and pizza. Here is what Shatner had to say:

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The Star Trek legend has remained incredibly busy throughout his long career and was willing to do more. William Shatner had even expressed interest in appearing in Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movie. Unfortunately, now that the coronavirus is sending people into self-quarantine and multiple TV productions have shut down, many projects are up in the air.

Hopefully, William Shatner will continue to keep fans abreat on how he is doing in self-quarantine. While you wait for more Star Trek, check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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