7 Star Trek: Picard Questions We Still Have Ahead Of Season 2

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Spoilers below for those who haven't yet finished watching Star Trek: Picard's first season.

Star Trek: Picard wrapped up Season 1 in largely satisfying ways, though fans were left to wonder exactly what's in store for the team next season. Unlike Star Trek: Discovery and its cliffhanger finales, all we really know going into Season 2 is that Picard is well, and he and the crew are freely ready to head off to the next adventure, wherever it may be.

I have quite a few questions following Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard that would ideally get addressed in Season 2, though it's hardly a guarantee. Overall, Season 1 was fantastic, but I'd just be that much more pleased to know that these questions' answers were going to be revealed in the next season. So let's get started with Picard's new form.

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Is Picard A Regular Synth Or An Organic Synth?

One of the biggest changes of Star Trek: Picard was that Jean-Luc straight up died, but his consciousness was transferred into a Synth golem. We know that this body has not been augmented in any way, and that he's still supposed to age accordingly and will die at a time similar to when he would've died had he not developed his brain illness from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What happens in Season 2, though, if Picard loses an arm? Would we see exposed machine parts, or will he bleed and feel the pain like Soji did? I'd love to see that used for a narrative-based gag, perhaps to stun a former TNG crew member unaware of the change Picard underwent. There have to be some perks to this big change beyond just retconning an illness from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Is Jurati Going To Pay For Her Crime?

Ahead of Star Trek: Picard's Season 1 finale, things were not looking good for Dr. Agnes Jurati. The crew had learned that she murdered Dr. Bruce Maddox, and they intended to drop her off at Deep Space 12 once they had a spare opportunity. Then the season finale went down, and the crew finished out their adventure, with Jurati hanging out and looking just as happy as everyone else.

It was an interesting development to say the least, considering Jurati herself seemed more than willing to turn herself in for her crimes. Maybe Season 2 will pick up and show she did end up getting sent to Deep Space 12 after all. If not, I guess Star Trek: Picard can say Jurati wasn't in her right mind when the event happened, which is a fair plea. Still, I'd like to see justice addressed in some way going forward, because it feels weird the crew would continue to blatantly ignore that Jurati intentionally killed her lover only because she thought it was for the greater good.

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Are Seven Of Nine And Raffi Together?

While Star Trek: Picard didn't tease a lot about the future of the series, it did seem like a certain romance was in the cards. One of the final shots of the season showed Seven of Nine and Raffi holding hands, which some have speculated meant the two were on the verge of a romance. Could they be the next Riker and Troi?

Jeri Ryan has teased that romance was potentially going down between Seven of Nine and Raffi, or at least, that Seven of Nine was interested in Raffi in that sort of way. The two wouldn't be the first LGBTQ couple in modern Star Trek lore, but it's definitely another sign of representation and progress that the franchise has strived to achieve over the past few decades.

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What Was Picard Going To Tell Raffi?

Star Trek: Picard tied up a ton of loose ends in the Season 1 finale, but featured one big tease in the episode that was never revisited. Picard had something to say to Raffi before he "died," but passed before getting the words out to her. The two never discussed the moment upon Picard's return, leaving audiences to wonder exactly what he was going to say.

Picard and Raffi had already professed their love for each other, so I can't imagine what he was going to say had anything to do with that. It's possible it was an apology for ruining Raffi's Starfleet career, or at least, for not reaching out and offering help when she fell on hard times. Perhaps there was some secret she knew about that he needed to carry out as a final wish. I'm personally hoping this gets revisited in Season 2, though it's possible his message could've just been a simple goodbye.

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Will We See Those Ancient Synths Again?

In a surprising turn of events, the Romulan admonition was about as literal as the Tal Shiar touted it to be. The ancient advanced Synths of the past were real, and could be summoned by modern-day Synthetics for protection against humanity. The only issue was that these beings were more intent to eradicate all organic life than they were about protecting it, so calling them to the time period of Star Trek: Picard would've been considered a massive act of war.

The Romulans backed down when Soji defied the prophecy and her fate as "The Destroyer," but what's to stop another Synth from doing the same? Perhaps the Romulans had it wrong, meaning this fearsome enemy could one day re-appear. Personally, I think there's some connection between these villains and the advanced program that eventually corrupted Section 31's A.I. Control, and that we may one day see Picard and others face them again.

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What's Next For Picard And Company?

Unlike the past two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard concluded Season 1 with no indication of where things would head next. The only thing that seemed certain was that the adventures of Picard and the ship's crew were only just beginning. Will everyone disperse while waiting for their next directions, or will they all hang around in space together and see what comes next?

I would have to think that with Starfleet's backup in the Season 1 finale, Picard's reputation within the organization was restored. Perhaps there's some ground for him to get temporary reinstatement, though after a whole season of flying solo, he may be more apt to be independent. That event had to have gotten a ton of notoriety, so it's only a matter of time before another person seeks out Picard for help with whatever issue they're facing at the moment.

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What Former Star Trek Cast Members Will Appear In Season 2?

Star Trek: Picard managed to pack a lot of franchise-familiar talent big and small from past series, and Patrick Stewart has signaled it's the show's goal to at least have the entire principal cast from Star Trek: The Next Generation make an appearance if possible. The show has already made some strides in gathering past Trek actors for Season 2, with Roberto Picardo and Whoopi Goldberg both being asked to return.

So then, who's next? There were some rumors that Worf actor Michael Dorn was hanging around the set when Star Trek: Picard was concluding Season 1 filming. Then there are characters like Geordi LaForge, who were mentioned in passing in Season 1. Wil Wheaton, for instance, indicated he's interested in returning as Wesley Crusher. The question is really how they'll all play into the story, assuming they come back, and whether or not Star Trek: Picard can organically work classic characters into episodes in ways that makes sense.

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