Did Roseanne Impact The Conners' Latest Heartbreak From Beyond The Grave?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Conners' episode "The Icewoman Cometh." Read at your own risk!

The Conners got back into Dan's love life in its latest episode, and surprisingly, Roseanne made a cameo. Obviously, not in the way one would traditionally expect, with Roseanne Barr nowhere to be seen. No, the spirit of the Conner matriarch was seemingly summoned from beyond the grave in a conversation between Dan and Becky. Roseanne's presence was felt in a key scene in the episode, but is it possible she influenced a later event as well?

Not long after invisibly Roseanne seemingly confirmed that she meant it when she said Dan was to be miserable the rest of his life if she died before him by dropping a paint can in the garage, Dan decided to try and patch things up with Louise. But when he arrived with flowers in hand after her performance, he walked backstage to see her making out with another man. Rejected, Dan dropped his flowers in the trash, and left the bar miserable.

Funny how it worked out like that, especially given how the situation unfolded. Had Dan not been stopped by a bouncer temporarily after the performance, he may have caught Louise before she locked lips with another man. Did ghost Roseanne have something to do with this as well? Is Dan Conner being cursed by his deceased wife, and is he doomed to live a life of misery?

While I'd absolutely love for The Conners to shift gears and make the rest of the season about the family exorcising the ghost of Roseanne Conner, I think it's also probable that The Conners is doing a big arc on Dan Conner's grief. Dan certainly wants a chance at love again, but as he told Becky, has had trouble overcoming the guilt of dating Louise. Every time he found something he enjoyed doing with her, there was the tinge of guilt in knowing it was an experience he wished he shared with Roseanne.

The paint can thing was certainly crazy, and provided it was actually Roseanne, perhaps Dan got the wrong message from her. Maybe Roseanne was trying to say she had a change of heart, or maybe even trying to stop Dan from seeing Louise later that day and witnessing her locking lips with that random dude. Hey, I don't know how ghost rules work in The Conners, though I'd wager the show wouldn't try and set out to make Roseanne Conner look bad regardless of how things shook out between the cast and Roseanne Barr.

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