Phil Keoghan Reveals What He Loves About Hosting The Amazing Race

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Right now, the TV schedule is going through a lot of changes between spring and summer, but there’s one reality competition series that is right on schedule. That series is The Amazing Race, which films well in advance and as a result will be back on CBS on May 20. Ahead of the release, Phil Keoghan took to social media to share his feelings regarding what he loves most about hosting The Amazing Race.

In a video for the fans, the longtime TV host shared his feelings on what the series means to him and what he most takes away from filming each season, including the show’s upcoming Season 32. He said:

One of the reasons I love hosting the Amazing Race is it’s a chance to celebrate different cultures. The diversity in the world. Of course, it’s great to see racers get out of their comfort zone and it’s very educational as well. We hope that you can enjoy this season of The Amazing Race, which was filmed before the discovery of coronavirus. We’re excited to bring the world back into your living room and we hope it gives you the chance to escape just a little bit.

Season 32 of The Amazing Race has surprisingly been in the can for a while. We first learn about this when we heard production on Season 33 had been suspended. At first, this seemed like a nightmare. Race fans have already had to go from getting two seasons per year to only getting one season each year and it seemed like we might get no episodes at all this TV season.

Luckily, at the time, it was noted Season 32 had already filmed and would be ready to go for this summer, should CBS still want to premiere it. I’m thankful to report the network stuck to its guns and we will be getting new episodes in just a few short weeks.

Ahead of the big release of the new episodes, Phil Keoghan also shared a throwback photo to his earliest days on The Amazing Race. It’s hard to believe he’s been hosting the show for nearly 20 years now – the CBS series kicked off in 2001 – but it’s certainly not a bad gig for a TV host.

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Phil’s wearing his signature necklace in his latest message (unlike in that throwback shot) and if you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, you can see his full message below.

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Meanwhile, the status of Season 33 of The Amazing Race is still up in the air. Given that likely won’t premiere until next summer anyway, I assume that eventually CBS will be able to let the competitors compete around the globe. Still, I do feel bad for all of the support staff on the show, who likely did a ton of legwork in order to get ready for Season 33 that will now go to waste.

On the bright side, everybody’s safe and we’ll still have The Amazing Race this summer. As Phil Keoghan notes, “in the meantime, remember the world is waiting for you and we’re all in this together.”

The Amazing Race kicks off on May 20 at 8 p.m. ET, shortly after Survivor will wrap an amazing season. To see more of what’s coming check out the full list of finales coming up.

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