Price Is Right Host Drew Carey Says He Forgives The Man Who Murdered His Ex-Fiancee

Drew Carey about to open an envelope on The Price Is Right

Back in February, Dr. Amie Harwick, a popular therapist and former girlfriend/ fiancée of Price Is Right host Drew Carey, was found dead just outside of her Hollywood Hills residence. Her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse was quickly arrested and charged with both murder and burglary. Carey was very shook up after the tragic incident happened and took a week off, but he apparently decided very quickly that he was going to forgive the alleged murderer.

The story came out earlier this week during Carey’s appearance on The Talk. The former sitcom star and popular game show host said he wished it never happened but that you have to forgive people who have mental issues and traumatic pasts. Here’s a portion of his quote…

He was mentally ill. He was abused as a kid. You have to be able to forgive people like that. I wish he never did it. I wish he never met her... When you forgive people, it doesn't mean you need to hang out with them and be their friend.

Following Carey’s time off, the first episode he returned to was for Kids Week. During a break in the taping, he decided to address the teenagers in attendance and let them know he’d forgiven the alleged murderer. No doubt people with different personalities will react differently to his decision not to hold on to his anger, but people need to move on in whatever way makes sense to them. Here's more of his quote, per Deadline...

It would be so easy to carry (it) around (and) everyday think about revenge. There is nothing that will make up for what he did... I really try to practice instant forgiveness and unconditional love. The closer you can get to that the better, but I fall short all the time.

Police arrived at Harwick’s residence back in February after fielding reports of a woman screaming. Her roommate said she was being assaulted inside the home they shared. Police later found her lying beneath a third story balcony with injuries consistent with a fall. She was pronounced dead later that day at a local hospital. She was only 38-years-old.

Carey and Harwick reportedly dated for around two years and were engaged for the last several months of their relationship. They called off the wedding but reportedly split on pretty good terms. After it ended, she reportedly started dating Pursehouse, though the relationship reportedly did not end well. She filed for a restraining order, though it had expired at the time of her murder.

Amie Harwick

Earlier this week, Pursehouse pled not guilty to the charges against him. He initially posted a two million dollar bail following his arrest back in February, but according to CBS, he was rearrested 4 days later and taken into custody, where he has remained since. At this point, it’s unclear what evidence the state has against Pursehouse, but given how quickly he was arrested and the witnesses who called 911, they must feel they have everything they need.

We will keep you updated on this trial as it progresses. Until then, our thoughts go out to Drew Carey and everyone else who was touched by Harwick’s life.

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