Evan Rachel Wood and Janelle Monae Have Cute Exchange Over Westworld Season 4 Renewal News

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Westworld will be back. HBO has renewed the series for Season 4 as fans are currently in the midst of its third season, which has already answered a lot of huge questions. On social media, Evan Rachel Wood took to Instagram to celebrate and shared a cute exchange with Janelle Monae in the process.

First some context. Evan Rachel Wood plays android/host Dolores on Westworld, and singer/actress Janelle Monae loves androids. The lead character in Monae’s multi-part concept album series is an android named Cindi. Monae’s debut EP, Monae’s Metropolis: The Chase Suite, kicked things off before The ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady continued the story. Hence, the cuteness of her exchange with Wood regarding Westworld’s Season 4 renewal.

The cuteness began when Evan Rachel Wood took to Instagram to celebrate Westworld getting renewed. In the comment section, Janelle Monae replied with a fun comment. Monae has created many songs from an android's perspective, so it's fitting that she's all about Westworld's Dolores. First, you can check out Wood’s post below:

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Evan Rachel Wood's celebratory posted prompted a response from Janelle Monae that should delight fans of Westworld as well as fans of Monae's work. Wood herself had a response for the android lover that made the whole exchange even cuter. Take a look:

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As for Westworld, it returned for its third season in March. The premiere was a welcome reprieve for fans who only had the trailer and casting news to scrutinize since the second season, which aired back in 2018. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul has been one of the new cast members to join Evan Rachel Wood on the sci-fi drama.

Despite Westworld returning, there has been no shortage of questions surrounding the labyrinth of plot points. Between those Game of Thrones cameos and other developments, there has been a lot for Westworld fans to buzz about. Knowing Season 4 is on the horizon should only add to the excitement.

There is nothing like watching the drama of a season unfold and knowing there will be more to come. Unless something happens to Dolores, Janelle Monae’s “fav droid” should be back for more of the action. Speaking of droids, answers on if Ed Harris’ Man in Black is a human or a host are on their way, according to Harris, so stay tuned for that.

A premiere date for Season 4 has not been announced yet. Here is hoping that there is not a two-year break between Season 3 and Season 4 like there was between Westworld’s second season and its current third. Whenever Westworld returns, one should hope that Janelle Monae’s favorite will be back.

You can watch Evan Rachel Wood in new episodes of Westworld Season 3 when they air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The series’ return marks one this spring’s many premieres.

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