10 Avatar And Legend Of Korra Funko Pops That Need To Exist


I love Funko Pops, I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I love The Legend of Korra. So you know I have a ton of Funko Pops from Avatar and The Legend of Korra. Like, too many. As in all of them. And because I don’t have any respect from my wallet, I want more.

Now personally, I'm a huge fan of both series. And I’m deeply into the lore. That’s why there are several characters who haven’t been made into Funko Pops that I desperately want made so I can put them with the rest of the toys in my collection. Because I can never get enough Funko Pops. Especially Avatar/Korra related. And I need to, because it’s an addiction. Please help.

King Bumi

King Bumi - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang’s childhood buddy, and the only friend of his who is still alive from before he was frozen, King Bumi—the Earthbending legend!—is a madman, and he doesn’t mind if you call him that. With his wild, bug-eyed expression and penchant for rides on the Omashu delivery system, King Bumi would be a welcome addition to the Funko Pop line-up.

I would love to see the wild white hair and the missing teeth on this toy. And he would, of course, have to be smiling, because that’s when he’s at his most expressive. Plus, I want to have it so I can put it next to my Aang Funko Pop. Oh, Avatar. I love thee so. Thank God you’re coming to Netflix soon.

Fire Lord Ozai

Fire Lord Ozai - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Voiced by Mark Hamill, Fire Lord Ozai is the main antagonist of Avatar and ruler of the Fire Nation. And yet, he still doesn’t have his own Funko Pop, even though his older brother, Iroh, has his own.

If there were Funko Pops of Ozai, I’d want two different versions—one of him all garbed up in his regal Fire Nation robe, and one of him shirtless and ready to throw down with the Avatar. Because everything was fine in Funko Pop world until the Fire Nation attacked.


Jet - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Jet is a leader of the Earthbending refugees known as the Freedom Fighters. And while he didn’t appear in many episodes, his presence will always be remembered by the hardcore fans, mostly because of his burning desire to get back at the Fire Nation for killing his family.

A Funko Pop of Jet MUST have a piece of straw in his mouth and his deadly hook swords. His hair also has to be wild but also somewhat controlled, just like the character himself.

Ty Lee

Ty Lee - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Fire Nation royalty and voiced by Hey Arnold’s! Olivia Hack, Ty Lee is a circus star and a master at chi blocking, which could cut off somebody’s bending ability for a little while. She is also one of the few characters from the Fire Nation who really humanized it, letting the viewers know that not everybody who wore red was a monster.

Though I could be “that guy” and say that I want a Funko Pop of Ty Lee in a bathing suit, I won’t be that guy, and will instead just say that I’d like a Ty Lee Funko Pop of her in her circus garb. Because I much prefer badass Ty Lee to waifu Ty Lee.

Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku - Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Avatar preceding Aang, and a firebender who blames himself for the whole 100-year war, Avatar Roku has a good heart, but he might have been too soft, especially when it came to Fire Lord Sozin.

I would want Avatar Roku in his Fire Nation Avatar get-up, and with his long beard that makes him look super intimidating. Bonus points if they include a picture of a volcano on his box.


Bolin - The Legend of Korra

Pro-Bending extraordinaire and moving picture star, Bolin was pretty much the comic relief on The Legend of Korra. And while he was no Sokka, his charm and charisma eventually grew on fans.

I would want three (!) different Funko Pops of Bolin. One would be of him in his typical Earthbending garb, another would be of him in his Fire Ferrets costume, and the last would be of him as Nuktuk, from his stint as an actor. Because as I said up top, I have no respect for my wallet.


Tenzin - The Legend of Korra

Aang’s youngest child and Korra’s airbending teacher, Tenzin, voiced by the always great J.K. Simmons would be an amazing Funko Pop. He has the serious demeanor of his father, but the temper of his mother, Katara. He’s the best of both parents!

I would only need one Funko Pop of Tenzin, and it would be in his standard airbending master garb. A simple Funko Pop for a simple man.


Jinora - The Legend of Korra

Tenzin’s eldest daughter and a seer of spirits, Jinora may be young, but she’s an airbending master. She’s also a good big sister, looking out for Ikki, Rohan, and especially Meelo, who has Aang’s fun-loving spirit.

I’d actually like two Funko Pops of Jinora. One in her airbending clothes, and one in her blue, astral projection form. Because I love me some Jinora.

Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong - The Legend of Korra

Toph’s daughter and the Chief of Police, Lin is no nonsense, just like her mother. A metal bending master, also just like her mom, I would put Lin right next to Toph on my shelf. And I’m sure Lin would not be pleased.

Like Tenzin, I would only need one Pop of Lin Beifong, and that would be in her Chief of Police get-up. Tough as nails and quick-witted. Lin is not one to mess with.


Zaheer - The Legend of Korra

The second airbender to ever master flying like Superman (Avatars can’t even do that!), Zaheer is the leader of the anarchistic group, the Red Lotus. He’s also the second best bad guy on the show since Amon.

I want two Pops of Zaheer, one with his full prisoner’s beard, and one of him clean shaven and bald. Because both versions are hardcore for different reasons, and both need to be on my mantle.

And those are all the characters from Avatar and Korra that I can think of who don’t already have Funko Pops, but need them. Are there any characters I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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