Wow, Dwayne Johnson's The Titan Games Filmed Before Shutdowns Began, Second Season Coming This Summer

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One of the many (oh, so many) drawbacks to the dawn of The Inside Times is that people who love watching live sports, whether in the stadium or on television, will have to do without for the forseeable future. Every sports team has had to postpone or cancel their seasons which would have been going on this spring and summer, so sports fans are hurting. But! The good news is that they can still get to watch some fierce competition in the form of Dwayne Johnson's The Titan Games, which is headed back to NBC this May.

Unlike dozens of shows which were planning to have episodes ready late this spring, The Titan Games had already completed filming all of Season 2 before the Hollywood production shutdowns began in the middle of March. Season 1 of The Rock-hosted and executive produced competition was a hit from the premiere when it hit the network on January 3, 2019, and that debut has now grown to a 3.8 rating in 18-49 key age demographic and 10.5 million viewers with all of its digital and linear delayed viewing added in to date. The first season of The Titan Games has now reached a whopping total of over 48 million people.

Here's what Dwayne Johnson had to say about Season 2 of The Titan Games:

We are getting ready on Memorial Day to bring back The Titan Games Season 2. Earlier this year, I was able to assemble an amazing group of frontline heroes. Our doctors, our nurses, our veterans, our teachers, who just happen to be incredible athletes. All of this happened in January. We had no idea we’d end up here. We created an incredible Titan Games Season 2.

The premiere season of The Titan Games pitted 64 male and female challengers against each other and a series of insanely difficult physical challenges (based on Dwayne Johnson's own workouts...and some good, old fashioned drunken imagination) designed to test their mettle. In an effort to amp up the already high-level competition, this season's competitors will now be going against each other as well as professional athletes, with stars from past Olympic games, the NFL and the UFC all set to take on this year's challengers, who will be nurses, doctors, military veterans and teachers in their own professional lives.

Just as in the first season, these competitors will go head to head in each challenge to beat the clock, the course and each other. Winners of each challenge will then continue to advance in the hope of reaching Mt. Olympus, the ultimate test of agility, speed, strength and endurance. One man and one woman will then be crowned Titan Champion, with each winning a $100,000 grand prize. In case you were wondering, yes, it will be possible for the professional athletes to win The Titan Games, and, should that happen, their prize money will be donated to the charity of their choice.

Seeing as how it was already a hit in Season 1, with many fans now lacking the ability to feast their eyes on any sports aside from those which were recorded during the olden times, it would seem like a lot more people could tune in to see Dwayne Johnson lead the everyday, inspirational heroes through their challenges against pro athletes.

Take a look at the video that a very enthusiastic Dwayne Johnson posted to his Instagram about the new season, and you'll see that it's pretty clear this season will be tailor made to test not only the competitors bodies, but their minds as well.

The show is set to create an even more exciting viewing experience for fans of the athletic competition, as well as newcomers to the show. The Titan Games will debut Season 2 with a two-episode premiere, May 25 on NBC, at 8 p.m. EST. For more to watch in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 Netflix guide!

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