Watch The Intense Titan Games Event That Took Out A Competitor

In just two episodes, The Titan Games solidified itself as one of the most intense shows on television. It also showed it's a competition with risks as two contestants went to war and put their bodies on the line for a chance to be one of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Titans. Watch Christina Luna and Melissa Alcantara take each other to the absolute limit, in an event that ended up taking one of them out.

In an incredible display of strength, the two women rallied back and forth between the two sides of the Lunar Impact, until Melissa Alcantara finally gained the upper hand. The competitor summoned some deep strength from who knows where, and managed to push Christina Luna all the way back and off the ledge for the win. The Titan Games crowd went wild, and the ever-positive Dwayne Johnson was thoroughly impressed by the heart of both competitors.

As mentioned though, the event was not without its casualties. While Melissa Alcantara managed to pull out the victory, she was unable to put pressure on her knee. A later scene in The Titan Games checked in with Alcantara, who knew she wouldn't be able to compete further in the competition. The Rock shared his condolences for Alcantara on Twitter, as she teared up on screen about being unable to continue.

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With Melissa Alcantara unable to compete, The Titan Games' rules dictated Christina Luna would compete in her place. Christina's second chance didn't take her that far, as the athlete ultimately fell short of becoming the female Titan of the night. That title instead went to Nika Sedghi, who absolutely blasted her way through Mount Olympus to grab the show's top honor.

Melissa Alcantara's injury was tragic, and it's possible she may not be the last as The Titan Games continues. As a rule of the show, newly crowned Titans will be forced to defend their positions against future contestants on the program. That means more grueling challenges they'll need to undergo if they wish to stay on the show. Conditioning and caution will be mandatory for these champions if they wish to stay in the competition and in peak competitive shape.

Luckily, the male side of The Titan Games was injury free. After some fierce competition, it was Bridger Buckley who emerged champion on the male division. Buckley almost was eliminated after losing steam while trying to break down a door, but he dug deep and managed to find the strength to bust through and make it to the final rounds.

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The insane action of The Titan Games will continue on NBC Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what's happening on television in the meantime, be sure to visit and bookmark out midseason premiere guide.

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