One Scene The Flash Fans Have A Right To Be 'Peeved About,' According To Candice Patton

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With a hectic Season 6 that brought the organization Black Hole and Efrat Dor's genre-swapped Mirror Master Eva McCulloch, The Flash had to wrap things up early with a mega-cliffhanger, thanks to the production getting shut down in March. While waiting to see if Season 7 will incorporate the creative team's original plan to end the sixth season, fans can now start speculating about The Flash potentially returning to a pivotal moment in Barry and Iris' lives that Candice Patton understands viewers were upset about, and she kind of agrees.

The big polarizing event in question is Iris and Barry's "wedding ceremony," for lack of a better phrasing, which didn't even officially happen on The Flash itself, and was instead relegated to the end of Legends of Tomorrow's concluding chapter in the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover event. When asked if she would be interested in The Flash righting that perceived wrong (which co-star Grant Gustin is totally down for), Candice Patton told Entertainment Tonight this:

I will say, [that] is something I would love to see before we end the show. I think a lot of fans were disappointed with how Barry and Iris ended up getting married and I think that's a fair thing to be, kind of, peeved about… I think we should revisit that at some point. I think we should give fans what they want. . . . I think we all were a little bit like, 'How did they get married on another show?' When you buy the DVDs of The Flash in the future, you're never going to see Barry and Iris getting married for real. So I think it's only right that, before we wrap up the show, Barry and Iris get married on their show, so for posterity, Flash fans have that in their DVD collections. Yes, let's do it!

Not only were Barry and Iris shoehorned into getting married on a show other than The Flash, but it was barely even a shadow of the original set-up, with zero proper guests and David Ramsey's John Diggle officiating the outdoor nuptials. What's more, their witnesses were Stephen Amell's Oliver and Emily Bett Rickards' Felicity, who also decided to tie the knot alongside their vigilante pals. So that's two huge super-couples that got married on a show that none of them starred on. Regardless of one's feelings in general, it was inarguably a weird choice to make.

The Flash fans have long wanted to see Barry and Iris take a trip down the aisle where there's an actual aisle for them to walk down, and it sounds like Candice Patton is in the same camp. I also adore that she's in the "fans watching The Flash DVDs in the future" camp. Long live physical media!

As it was stated above, Candice Patton isn't the only Flash star who would be interested in seeing Barry and Iris' full-blown wedding come to pass on the proper superhero show, with Grant Gustin also putting his support behind the matrimonial idea. Here's what he told ET:

That's actually not something we've discussed, but I could see it making sense. Especially now after finishing this whole Mirrorverse storyline, and us being so separated -- yeah, that would probably be a cool thing to see actually once this is all resolved.

Indeed, if there was ever a time for Barry and Iris to reconfigure their relationship to make that bond even stronger, it would be in Season 7 after Iris' Mirrorverse situation gets completely figured out. Things have been in a strange place for a while now, so The Flash would be smart to set up a noteworthy event to mark the two characters getting back on common ground. Let us know in the poll below if you agree or not.

The Flash Season 6 is now finished, with Season 7 already renewed and hopefully aiming for an October 2020 premiere, though fans will have to stay tuned to see whether production schedules will return to normal over the summer months. In the meantime, check out everything that is definitely coming to the small screen soon with our Summer 2020 TV schedule.

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