Survivor's Jeff Probst Had To Build His Own Tribal Council Set For Winners At War Finale

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Survivor: Winners At War is coming to an end, but like with most shows in recent months, the longtime CBS hit had to make some big adjustments close things out accordingly. As such, the Season 40 finale is set to be one of the longest in series history, but due to travel restrictions, it will not be able to film in Fiji. Which means Jeff Probst had to give his house a little makeover.

Contestants will be checking in with Jeff Probst virtually as he tries to recreate the Survivor vibe from home. So far he's off to a great start. The host has successfully constructed a chunk of the Tribal Council set within his garage, which will serve as his background as he reveals Survivor's first $2 million winner.

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Props to Jeff Probst if he actually managed to construct that set on his own; I certainly won't complain if he has some constructive criticisms going forward when future contestants struggle with a puzzle challenge. In any case, the end result for Probst's craftiness should go a long way in helping to make the Survivor: Winners At War season finale feel as big as it should be, even if all the contestants can't meet at the same place.

Jeff Probst also gave viewers a peek at his in-home camera set-up, which a director will be controlling remotely to keep things from getting too static. The show will presumably avoid any big glitches, since it isn't being broadcast live, which will be the second year in a row Survivor has opted to go that route. Other shows have struggled with live remote shows already this year, so I can certainly understand why CBS wouldn't be willing to take the chance with Survivor: Winners At War.

Jeff Probst will check in on different Survivor: Winners At War champions throughout the night, but will simultaneously connect with all 3 potential winners when he reads the votes. The winner won't only be significant simply because of the show's cash pot, but the newly crowned victor will also become the second ever person to win the game twice. It's a feat that earned Sandra Diaz-Twine the title of "the queen of Survivor," though the crown may be slipping as this finale draws ever closer.

As to who that victor will be, no one knows for sure just yet, though viewers have their suspicions. Fans have speculated for weeks that Tony Vlachos and his spy-nest tactics will reign supreme, though his win is far from assured. Natalie Anderson, for example, could re-enter the game after having spent the most time on the Edge of Extinction with the jury, and could very well win this whole thing. The same is true for everyone else remaining, which may be what makes this upcoming finale one of the most exciting yet, regardless of whose garage it's happening in.

Survivor: Winners At War’s finale kicks off on CBS Wednesday, May 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for information on both this season's winner and updates for the next season, as well as for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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