Survivor Spoilers: Does Latest Episode Confirm Winners At War's Winner

Survivor: Winners At War

Warning! The following contains potential spoilers regarding the winner of Survivor: Winners At War. Read at your own risk!

Survivor: Winners At War just aired its latest elimination, and with another old-school player sent to the Edge of Extinction, fans are beginning to feel more brave about making their picks for the overall winner of the $2 million prize. This was especially true after the Wednesday night, with some viewers under the assumption that if one particular contestant survived to the final tribe merger, the game was his to lose.

Now that Tony Vlachos is definitely still in the game ahead of the final tribe merger, I have to wonder if the latest episode more or less confirmed he's the winner of this phenomenal season. There's some evidence floating around that seems to support this, so for anyone out of the loop, let's review the facts.

One Male, Two Women, And The Letter "T"

While some reported insiders who know the nitty-gritty details of Survivor: Winners At War's endgame won't explicitly say who wins the competition, it has been widely reported the Final 3 will consist of one male, and two females. Additionally, the male that was rumored to make the final three has a name that starts with a T (via Hype). If this rumor pans out, then the male Survivor to make Season 40's Final 3 would be either Tony Vlachos Or Tyson Apostol.

As of Wednesday, March 25, only one of those two is still on the island. Tony has survived and reached the merger, though Tyson still has a shot at returning, and has indeed prepared for the upcoming Edge of Extinction challenge with plenty of peanut butter. There's another rumor that Tyson will make his way back into the game before the end, so it's worth noting that this rumor "t"ea may not serve as definitive evidence of Tony's late game survival, unless Tyson gets eliminated for good.

The Alleged "Final Four" Hangout Video

A couple of weeks ago, Natalie Anderson shared a video on social media where she was hanging out with a interesting group of people. Anderson was in a car with Michele Fitzgerald, Nick Wilson, and Tony Vlachos, which fueled speculation amongst Survivor spoiler theorists that they would make up the "Final Four" of Survivor: Winners At War.

It's worth noting that three of those four live in New Jersey, and Nick Wilson happened to be around for Michele Fitzgerald's Survivor watch party that she hosted later that night. With that being said, Michelle, Natalie, and Tony have been heavily rumored as the game's Final 3 for quite a while, so it's awfully suspect they're all hanging out in this video.

The Season 40 Boot List From Rob Has A Podcast

A boot list for Survivor: Winners At War had found its way online towards the start of the season, but the original post was pulled from the web. That may be because the "predictions" were accurate to the point that eight of the first nine eliminations were prophesied.

The one entry this list got wrong (Sandra's elimination) was pretty substantial, but to correctly guess the exact order of eliminations for the other 8 is pretty damn impressive by any stretch. It also makes one inclined to believe the rest of the list is accurate, even with that error. As you might have guessed, Tony Vlachos was listed as the winner, with the Final 3 being a combination of Tony, Natalie Anderson, and Michele Fitzgerald.

Based on these three pieces of evidence, as well as the latest episode that showed Tony Vlachos surviving until the final tribal merger, it's hard not to believe he'll be crowned the champ of Survivor: Winners Of War. Of course, Survivor rumors and spoilers have definitely been wrong before, so we can't know for sure until that final episode has aired!

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