8 Excellent Baby Yoda Moments In The Mandalorian Season 1

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian

Before The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ in November 2019, no one, at least no one not attached to Jon Favreau's amazing series really knew what the show was about, let alone the existence of Baby Yoda, aka The Child, aka the cutest character Star Wars character ever (sorry, porgs).

To say that fans of the series became obsessed with Baby Yoda as soon as Season 1 premiered would be an understatement of epic proportions. That tiny, cute life-form was all anyone could talk about when discussing The Mandalorian, and there's a good reason for that. There are just so many scenes where Baby Yoda was either the cutest thing on the screen with his undying innocence or others where he was the strongest being around with that untapped power.

There are so many scenes in fact that you may have forgotten some of Baby Yoda's greatest moments from the first season of The Mandalorian. So, since we don't have much to do before Season 2 premieres later this year, let's take a look at eight excellent moments from the show so far.

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian

The Time He Extended His Hand To Connect With Mando

The first episode of The Mandalorian ends with the bounty hunter locating the target he was sent to find. Little did he, or anyone watching the show, know that he would soon be face to face not with just any normal 50-year-old being, but a childlike creature known to us as Baby Yoda, or The Child in the show. After taking out IG-11 (voiced by the great Taika Waititi) as the droid prepares to kill the target, Mando and Baby Yoda share a glance before, turning the show from just a random Star Wars property into something with a whole lot of heart.

Mando and the Mudhorn in The Mandalorian

The Time He Stopped The Mudhorn

Very early on, we know there's something special about Baby Yoda. I mean, why else would the remnants of the Galactic Empire be scouring the galaxy looking for a seemingly innocent creature? In the second episode, properly titled "The Child," we see the reason why everyone is out for the green creature. When Mando is forced to retrieve an egg from the den of the Mudhorn in order to earn back parts of his ship, the bounty hunter looks to have lost the fight. That is until Baby Yoda grabs the massive beast using the force and suspends it in air, allowing the bounty hunter to take out the massive threat. At that point, we realize that there's something really special about Baby Yoda.

The Time He Healed Greef Karga

Before encountering Baby Yoda and his powers, Greef Karga is nothing more than the leader of the bounty hunter guild who is bound only to the code of the guild and nothing else. That changes in the seventh episode when Baby Yoda uses the Force to heal Greef's wounds. Before this, we had only seen Baby Yoda use his powers to suspend beasts in the air and do some light choking. This act of kindness showed that the creature had more than just a strong connection with the force, he had compassion and heart.

The Time He Discovered The Buttons On Mando’s Ship

But at the same time, we have to remember that even though Baby Yoda is technically a 50-year-old being by the time we meet him, he's technically a child, at least when you consider the longevity of his species. And what does any young child do when they're put face to face with a wall of knobs, switches, and buttons, they start tinkering with them like Baby Yoda did in Mando's ship on their travels together. And like any young child, Baby Yoda continues to tinker with them, pull them, and try to break them at any given opportunity because while he's messing with the buttons, he's learning how far he can press Mando's.

Baby Yoda using the force.

The Time He Force Choked Cara Dune During The Arm Wrestling Match

Through their journeys together, Baby Yoda witnesses Mando taking on some pretty formidable enemies, so you can't get mad at the little guy when he force choked Cara Dune during her arm wrestling match with the armored bounty hunter. For all Baby Yoda knew, Dune was hurting Mando in the test of strength. This just shows how innocent and untrained the child is at this point in his life. He is willing to kill someone to protect his protector, even if it's during a game.

The Time He Bit A Scout Trooper

But then there are times when Baby Yoda doesn't have to turn to the force to get back on someone or fight off a threat. Take into consideration the opening of the Season 1 finale when a pair of scout troopers have The Child in a bag waiting further orders from Moff Gideon. Instead of choking the trooper who pokes, prods, and mocks him, Baby Yoda bites the guy's finger. What follows isn't as fun, but everything from the bite to the attack from the angered trooper is a delight to take in.

The Time He Ate A Frog Whole

When he's not putting scout trooper's fingers in his mouth, Baby Yoda is eating frogs whole. We witness him throw his head back and swallow a frog head-first. Of course, he later discovers it's not polite to do that when a group of kids witness him enjoying another frog snack in Episode 4. Their reaction causes him to spit the frog out, letting it hop away for a second chance at life. It's a funny scene that shows that the young being isn't refined, trained, or knowledgeable as other members of his species (at least so far).

The Time He Used The Force To Stop A Stormtrooper's Flamethrower

And then there's the moment of all Baby Yoda moments, the one in the Season 1 finale where he uses all of his power to stop a stormtrooper's flamethrower to save Mando and the rest of their ragtag group of bounty hunters. Standing in the face of certain death (and all that fire), Baby Yoda proves that he is more than just a cute and innocent pint-size creature. Like Yoda before him, The Child is special, has special powers, and most of all, is one with the Force. How else could a creature of such small stature pull off a feat like that?

Those are just eight excellent Baby Yoda moments from Season 1 of The Mandalorian. If the upcoming season of the Disney+ series (opens in new tab) is anything like the firs then I'm sure we'll get even more great moments from The Child. In the meantime, however, check out everything we know about Season 2 here at CinemaBlend.

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