The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda Cost $5 Million And Adam Pally Was 'So Nervous' To Punch Him

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Weeks ago, Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally simultaneously became the most memorable and most hated guest stars of The Mandalorian Season 1. Both actors have gotten their fair share of hatred from the internet after their scout troopers punched Baby Yoda while waiting to deliver him to Moff Gideon. Now, Pally has broken his silence on the iconic scene, and recalled the nerve-racking experience of punching the popular little Force user.

Adam Pally may not have had as much guilt as he would've hitting a living thing, but was shaken nonetheless after his first swing on Baby Yoda. That was thanks to showrunner Jon Favreau, who showed up after the scene to drop some knowledge on Pally that freaked him out for a few takes after.

I remember the first take that I did when I punched him. They called ‘Cut!’ and Jon, who was watching on a monitor in his office, he came down from this office and said, ‘I just want to let you know that this is the hero Yoda [the main prop used for close-ups] and it costs, like, $5 million. So while I want you to hit it, I just want you to know that.’ Because I think I took a big swing at it. And the next three takes I missed, because I was so nervous.

Most folks would be shaken up being told to punch anything that was worth thousands, let alone millions. At the same time, I feel like if Jon Favreau was so worried about protecting the $5 million prop, perhaps he could've subbed out Baby Yoda for a bag of rice or something? The creature was only seen in the finger bite scene, and The Mandalorian crew could've easily cut away after the bite and then let Adam Pally punch the bag with the prop removed!

Nerves aside, Adam Pally also shared a bit with press at TCA (via EW) a little on what it's like to work with Baby Yoda. The actor didn't paint the small child to be as cool off set as he is on, and as one might expect, this kid's letting all the fame go to its head.

I gotta tell you, the truth is that Baby Yoda is a bit of a diva. He’s constantly vaping.

Of course, Adam Pally is joking. Still, between this and Laura Dern's comments about Baby Yoda, I would love to see celebrities continue to act like The Mandalorian child is Hollywood's new bad boy. What next, are we going to see video of Baby Yoda attacking Jason Sudeikis in a back alley?

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