Snowpiercer's Episode 2 Reveal Set Up Even More Mysteries And Secrets

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer episode "Prepare To Brace." Read at your own risk!

Snowpiercer's premiere came with a pretty big reveal, and it appears that may just be the trend for this show rolling forward. For Episode 2, Andre Layton seemingly worked out "Mr. Wilford's" true motive behind figuring out the murder. Plus, the Snowpiercer lost its cattle, and it's looking like that tragedy comes on top of whatever the elite train passengers are already trying to keep under wraps. So, the question is, how will the story be impacted by the revelation that the "Thirdie" murder victim (who wasn't Sean Bean, but he's coming) was an informant for Wilford?

As Layton pointed out to Melanie Cavill, the issue isn't the murder itself. The victim was an informant for Mr. Wilford, who was giving out intel about what was happening in the Third Class section. Layton's working theory is that Wilford believes that the murderer knew that, and he's just as curious about what other secrets the murdered man may have doled out as much as he's interested in finding the actual murderer.

All of the massive secrets that Mr. Wilford keeps are the same ones that Cavill is keeping, since she herself is actually Mr. Wilford. Only a privileged few are provided that knowledge, and not even those in First Class appear to know that Jennifer Connelly's character is anything more than a representative meant to accommodate guests with their various needs. She obviously wants to keep a low profile for a reason, so she may very well be worried that the murderer stumbled upon Wilford's true identity.

With that said, the whole lost cattle discussion closer to the episode's end likely hints at way more problems happening within Snowpiercer's universe than the ones we know about. The loss of cattle impacted the meat supply, but also cut off the manure and methane production that the train used in other areas. It's a bad situation, but as Cavill said, none of the passengers needed to know just how bad it was just yet. For now, everyone had to suffer, with the Tailies of course bearing the worst of it.

The Snowpiercer is like a very delicate house of cards (or perhaps a domino line). One would imagine it wouldn't take much for it all to come down any number of key factoids got into the wrong hands. At the moment, it seems like someone is trying to get information on Mr. Wilford, but the reason why is still a mystery.

I'm guessing whoever's responsible is not a Tailie. Perhaps it's someone from the First Class section? Maybe it's someone looking to make a power play that will throw this train into even more chaos in the coming episodes. It's going to happen one way or another anyway. Let us know what you think will happen next.

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