Why Snowpiercer Star Says 'Don't Get Too Excited' About LJ's Situation

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Snowpiercer's episode "Without Their Maker." Read at your own risk!

Snowpiercer's fourth episode really went from 0 to 100 in its final minutes (which seems to be a trend), as Layton responded harshly to what could've been a sweet deal with LJ Folger in order to deal some justice. Layton not only rejected LJ's promising offer to provide weapons and supplies for the Tail, but he also revealed her to Melanie as a key player behind the train's recent murders.

LJ got locked away thanks to Layton's honesty, but the character's actress Annalise Basso told CinemaBlend that audiences shouldn't think that LJ's case is a done deal just yet. During our conversation, Basso talked about that big arrest, and how this whole thing may not be as devastating for LJ as it initially seems.

I would say don't get too excited that she's behind bars, because she won't be there for long.

If any Snowpiercer fans were skeptical that LJ would remain imprisoned for very long, it sounds like those suspicions are right on the money. After all, Annalise Basso's character is a part of the First Class train, and judging how she manipulated her co-conspirator (and now-deceased bodyguard) Erik, she's someone who can get out of sticky situations by using just her words. Basically, LJ is going to find a way out of this ordeal, and even if her privilege doesn't save her, she'll find some way to secure her freedom.

Given that information, viewers may wonder whether Layton should have just played ball with Folger family's daughter, rather than turning her in. But Annalise Basso (whom viewers may know from her various appearances in acclaimed horror movies) doesn't seem to think so. Surprisingly enough, the actress believes that Layton made the right call in rejecting LJ's deal.

Yes because LJ is a danger to everybody. She literally doesn't care about anyone but herself.

On one hand, LJ seems to be Snowpiercer's agent of chaos, and would've loved to create some massive unrest on the train by pulling some strings to help the Tail. On the other, she's clearly unhinged and loves to see anyone suffer. To that end, who's to say it all wouldn't have ended in Layton immediately being set up to die in some big showdown similar to how Erik's situation went by the episode's end?

LJ getting sprung from jail will be a truly twisted form of justice considering how things played out for Layton. Though he'd had confirmed the killers were never looking for anything related to Mr. Wilford's "secret," Melanie deduced that his investigation made him realize she was the true decision-maker posing as the train's top brass. Thus, she drugged Layton with some celebratory saké, and then put him under via the train's weird sleep device which clearly doesn't work the way people think it does.

The upside here is that now that the murderer has been revealed, there's a chance that LJ may go free and continue to keep things interesting on Snowpiercer. Will LJ kill again now that she's lost Erik? Will she seek revenge on the out-for-the-count Layton? There are so many questions, and hopefully there will be enough answers to go around by the time Season 1 is over.

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