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Snowpiercer: 9 Big Questions We Have After Episode 6

Layton Snowpiercer TNT

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Snowpiercer episode "Trouble Comes Sideways." Read at your own risk!

A near-disaster saved the day on the latest Snowpiercer, at least for anyone named Melanie Cavill. The Thirdies were about to kick off the first step of their uprising, but a well-timed train emergency seemed to restore train's faith in Mr. Wilford, as well as a non-mutinous status quo.

Whether that will actually last is another conversation entirely – it won't last, obviously – and this conversation is centered on the many other questions I had after watching this episode. Some admittedly come out of frustration over the way these characters can drive me bananas sometimes, but others are born from genuine curiosity about other elements that I hope will be explained in the coming weeks.

Miles Snowpiercer TNT

Is Melanie's Interest In Miles Genuine?

Miles and Melanie shared a couple of scenes in "Trouble Comes Sideways," and I'm genuinely curious what her intentions are in building that relationship. Snowpiercer has shown Miles to be a gifted and intelligent boy, so yes, it does track that she would keep him in mind to be a future engineer. Still, after everything that's happened with Layton, I think she's going to keep Miles as close as possible, knowing she can protect herself from him, and possibly use him to coerce Layton into working for her once again.

Melanie Cavill Snowpiercer TNT

Was Melanie Telling The Truth To Layton?

Layton learned that certain people on the Snowpiercer have files designated with an "X," and while he already seemed bent on taking down Melanie, those discoveries gave him extra motivation. When he confronted her, Melanie explained these names were not targets, but rather valued passengers because they were considered vital for returning to life once the world becomes safe for life again. Layton believed her, but I'm not really sure why; he should be well aware by now that Melanie thrives by any means necessary. This episode showed she has prevented disaster by thinking on her toes, and I'm thinking she did the same in that situation.

Osweiller Bess Snowpiercer TNT

Did Osweiller Let Bess Off The Hook?

After it looked like Osweiller was going to make Bess' life a living hell by holding that secret over her head, the brakeman appeared to mellow out after surviving the train turbulence. I got the sense he may not snitch after all, though I'm having trouble working out a reason exactly why. Osweiller had no particular interest in Layton or the Tailees, and I certainly feel like he wouldn't sacrifice anything to see them move up in the world. Perhaps he just realized Bess is the closest thing he has to family, and in some weird way, feels an obligation to protect her after that realization. I'm honestly stumped by this one if he doesn't tattle.

Bess Jinju Snowpiercer TNT

Will Bess Tell Jinju The Truth?

The biggest moment of this episode of Snowpiercer for me was when Bess returned to second class and Jinju. It looked like Bess was about to tell her lover everything that happened in the past episode, and I feel like that would be a huge mistake. We've seen how close Jinju is with Melanie, and while I do think she cares for Bess, I'm not sure Jinju is willing to risk the overall safety of the train solely for her. If Osweiller won't be the one to blow the whistle on Bess freeing Layton, I have a sneaking suspicion Jinju will.

LJ Folger Snowpiercer TNT

LJ Is Already Chilling In Public Like It's Nothing?

Fresh off her murder pardon, LJ Folger was seen chilling amidst the chaos of the train looking as cool as a cucumber. I'm not surprised by that, but I am surprised that she's publicly back out in first class so soon after her trial. Remember, LJ was found guilty, and she only escaped being sent to the drawers because Melanie suspected LJ knew her Mr. Wilford secret. The fact that she's hanging out in society again so soon makes question the morality of those in first class even more than I already had been.

Snowpiercer TNT

Will The Train's Close Call Keep Away Unrest?

The third class strike was seemingly cancelled at the end of Snowpiercer, as it seemed everyone was simply happy to be alive after the train nearly derailed. As mentioned, it was good news for Melanie, but there's the question of how long that peace will be maintained. Eventually, people will forget the near-death experience, and something will happen on the train for which the first class will suffer far less for than everyone else. If and when rebellious feelings return, I now question if the uprising will still come from third class, who were cheering for the mechanics at the episode's end.

Boscovic Snowpiercer TNT

Is Boscovic A True Friend Or Foe?

The first time I saw Bojan Boscovic back in Episode 2, I felt he was for sure a future villain. This episode made me think I judged him far too harshly. He's legitimately good with children, and was quick to congratulate Melanie on her saving the train, beyond  just seeming like a good-time friend to all. I feel like I'm the villain for those initial assumptions, and honestly, hope that Boscovic works his way into the story in a greater capacity as the series goes on. And if he does turn to villainy, it would be that much more of a twist.

Melanie Snowpiercer TNT

Why Didn't Melanie Take The Glory?

I know Melanie is always one for keeping a low profile, but seriously, if there was ever a time to reveal that she was Mr. Wilford, that was it. Instead, she passed off the win to her alter ego, and in the process, continued her charade for the masses as Wilford's mouthpiece and nothing more. I can't help but feel she would've won some people over with that admission, and could have shaken up the train population's opinions about her decisions. Maybe if the murder wasn't so recent, she would have confessed, and the train could've gotten used to saying "Ms. Cavill" instead.

Snowpiercer TNT

This episode featured the most emotional and touching scene from the Tail, which is crazy because none of the major characters were involved. I won't lie, that little girl's reaction to seeing the reflection of the outdoors was a tearjerker. I'd love to see more personal subplots like that going forward, since small detours like that keep the story from dragging in episodes like these. Especially when the majority of viewers clearly know the train is going to be still be around and working by each episode's end.

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