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Jon Bernthal Proves He's No Punisher After After Getting Cut Off In Traffic

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For most of his career, Jon Bernthal has played characters that always look like they're about five seconds away from flipping out and throat-punching everyone in a ten-yard radius. From The Walking Dead to Shot Caller to The Accountant, Bernthal is a consummate force to be reckoned with on-screen, and it reached its logical apex when the actor took the role of Frank Castle in Netflix's The Punisher for two seasons. But don't go thinking Bernthal is actually always like that in real life.

For instance, one Twitter user shared a post about making a snafu while driving, and being surprised whenever she found herself not on the receiving end of a pair of middle fingers, but rather up close and semi-personal with Jon Bernthal himself. Check out her tweet below.

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Gotta love that. It's always one of the worst feelings to be squarely and plainly at fault when driving, in any capacity, and there's usually an innate fear of a wronged driver wanting to get revenge by any means necessary. (I've had someone follow me all the way back to my house after a legitimately slight lane-change mishap in the middle of town, which wasn't awesome.) And if that other driver has the same build body type as Jon Bernthal, that fear could easily skyrocket. At least until one realizes it actually IS Jon Bernthal, and then a whole different rack of emotions takes over.

Of course, when one of Jon Bernthal's characters cracks a smile, it's usually one of those "I cannot believe how little of this wall will be left after I finish slamming your face into it" kind of smiles. Thankfully for the person who cut him off in traffic, real-life Bernthal is far more understanding. And he probably also understands how much of a thrill it would be to see his face rather than some road-raging asshat's angered mug.

Jon Bernthal wasn't done making the most out of user Teriskis' day, either. Either he came across her tweet independently, or someone shared it with him. But in any case, he even personally reached out to her on Twitter, as seen below.

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Such an equal opportunity celeb. After voicing his love for the woman who cut him off in traffic, Jon Bernthal even gave her presumed significant other a shoutout, which I'm sure made the guy fistpump ad infinitum. If only we could all be so lucky.

The Punisher obviously isn't happening anymore on Netflix, and though the character will be freed this year from the Netflix agreement, and will thus free to use by Marvel for TV shows and Movies, it's quite possible the studio will choose to avoid bringing Frank Castle back to audiences in the near future. The main reason for that would be the vigilante potentially leaving a bad taste in viewers' mouths given all the recent protests condemning police brutality.

In the meantime, though, fans can still catch both seasons of The Punisher streaming on Netflix. Jon Bernthal will also be seen in a handful of movies coming out hopefully later this year and next year. First is the next neo-western drama from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, Those Who Wish Me Dead. Followed by the Sopranos prequel flick and the tennis-esque biopic King Richard, with Will Smith playing Venus and Serena Williams' father, while Bernthal stars as former players and coach Rick Massi.

In the meantime, check out our 2020 Summer TV premiere schedule to keep current with all the new and returning shows hitting the small screen soon.

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