New Solar Opposites Video Highlights The Wall, The Best Thing About Justin Roiland's Hulu Show

For Hulu's Solar Opposites, creators Justin Roiland and Mick McMahan stuck with the sci-fi comedy genre that they'd honed so well with Rick and Morty, but with completely different focuses in mind. On one hand, the show is about Earthbound aliens finding their atypical footing among humanity. And on the other hand, there's The Wall (which itself is filled with a ton of tiny hands). Anyone who watched the entirety of Season 1 is likely aware that The Wall is the most unexpectedly magical thing about the show, and Hulu wants more people to know about it.

The initial marketing for Solar Opposites kept The Wall hidden from audiences, as not to clue early viewers in on the increasingly intriguing story-within-a-story. But the exclusive video below is a full-on trailer for The Wall's awesomeness. Join the rebellion by pressing play, but don't let The Duke catch you.

I can't lie, seeing an official trailer dedicated to The Wall makes me want to go back and watch the cleverly titled seventh episode ("Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear") all over again. As shown in the trailer, the situation inside The Wall is akin to a post-apocalyptic Lord of the Flies on a grander scale, setting up a war of opposing factions, with a slew of over-sized (to them) household items serving as props and decorations. It's like Honey I Shrunk the Kids exponentially expanding to its logical conclusion, which would obviously include aliens, explosions, and a model of Jerry's apartment in Seinfeld.

Could the ball seen below actually be the very baseball that was so integral in making Wayne Szalinski's shrinking machine a success? (In a word: no.)

solar opposites the wall

Beyond giving the world a better look at The Wall with the trailer above, Hulu and Solar Opposites will keep the fun going on Twitter with the newly established profile for Yumyulack's Wall Log. Since The Wall was initially put together as a way for the alien Yumyulack to witness and study human behavior, the Twitter page will feature Yumyulack laying out the many keen and absurd observations that he makes while viewing Wall inhabitants. The data won't always make sense, of course, since Yumyulack's science skills aren't top-level. But that's not as much of a concern if he's successful with his true goal of finding ways to be more popular at school.

Thankfully, Solar Opposites fans don't have to worry about The Wall's future, since the show already has Season 2 on the way, with Season 3 being a possibility as well. How in the world will Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan top everything that happened with The Wall so far? Will Yumyulack abduct enough people to start spreading The Wall's containers out across the ceiling and floor at any point? Will he end up shrinking every human being in the world by the end of the show? I would be so into that.

Solar Opposites is currently streaming all eight Season 1 episodes on Hulu right now. To see what else is hitting the streaming service and more in the near future, head to our Summer 2020 TV premiere schedule.

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