Celebrity Big Brother's Tamar Braxton In Hospital After Alleged Suicide Attempt

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Former The Real co-host Tamar Braxton, who was the winner of last year's Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after being found unconscious in a Los Angeles hotel room. The going assumption is that she may have attempted suicide, though this has not been fully confirmed.

Tamar Braxton was staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles on Thursday, where police and EMT were dispatched after a 911 call came in around 10 p.m. The caller claimed that someone had attempted suicide within the hotel, according to TMZ. The officials discovered Braxton unconscious in her room, with her boyfriend and YouTube series co-host David Adefeso claiming that she had potentially overdosed by combining alcohol and some form of prescription pills.

David Adefeso also stated that Tamar Braxton had been noticeably emotional earlier on Thursday, and also claimed that she had threatened to commit suicide. However, no sign of a suicide note was found at the scene, according to police.

According to The Blast, Tamar Braxton is in stable condition, though was still unconscious as of early Friday morning. As well, she is being kept under a 24-hour watch within the hospital. Here's what a spokesperson for Braxton had to say:

Tamar has had a very tough and emotional day -- more information will be coming in the next few days. Please pray for her.

The Grammy- and Emmy-nominated Tamar Braxton currently has the aforementioned YouTube series Coupled & Quarantined, which she co-hosted with boyfriend David Adefeso. The weekly show has been quite popular among her fanbase, but Thursday's episode didn't go live as many had hoped, and was instead replaced with the below message:

Hello Ya'll Unfortunately, Your girl Tamar is under the weather today and not feeling well so we need to postpone today's show (Don't worry it's not Covid) We're sad because we had a great show lined up for you today, but next week’s show is going to be even bigger and better. so sorry for the inconvenience, we know many of you look forward to the show every week. we'll make it up to you next week.

Already a co-host on the currently airing VH1 series To Catch a Beautician, Tamar Braxton is also set to head up a new reality show on WEtv called Get Ya Life, which recently released the first trailer. Speculation has it that Braxton was taken by surprise by it, and was not at all pleased with the way the trailer portrayed her.

On top of all that, the Dancing with the Stars vet has already been reportedly highly displeased with contractual disputes with WEtv over the reality series Braxton Family Values. She has apparently been trying to free herself from that contract, which has played heavily into her emotional state as of late.

Here's hoping Tamar Braxton pulls through this unfortunate situation both physically and mentally sound. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates on this situation and more stories throughout the entertainment industry.

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